Hashtracking is Still Tracking Hashtags on Instagram and Twitter

Over the course of the past week, we have received countless questions about recent Instagram API changes and how that affects Hashtracking customer’s ability to track hashtags and hashtag campaigns on the Hashtracking platform. Hashtracking is still able to provide hashtag reporting for our customers who are tracking hashtags on Instagram.  We are happy to […]

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Happy Holiday Hashtag Tracking from The Hashtracking Team & a Gift for You

From #BlackFriday till #UglySweaterDay and a few thousand hashtag campaigns in between, hashtags and hashtag campaigns have become big part of the holidays. So the Hashtracking team has been busy. Super busy! But not too busy to say thank you. We are grateful for our customers and looking forward to working with you to make 2018 […]

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Social Media Proves It’s a Tight Knit Community for #UglySweaterDay – Full Report

It’s one of the most wonderful days of the holiday season. #UGLYSWEATERDAY on social media hit Instagram and Twitter December 15th, 2017  with a full frontal dose of hilarity. One brand grabbed the neon reindeer concept by the horns. Alaska Airlines decked out plane seats with ugly sweaters for all passengers and offered up early boarding to passengers already […]

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Hashtracking’s TrackCoach Reveals that #Chocolate Burns more Calories than #Crossfit.

In anticipation of summer bikini season, Hashtracking has announced a new feature designed to help active social media users calculate, track and reach their fitness goals, while tracking their social media stats. Hashtracking’s new TrackCoach™ calculates calories burned while tweeting and posting with hashtags. Further analysis breaks down the number of calories burned from fat. […]

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hang onto your hashtags

Hang Onto Your Hashtags! Here’s Why Hashtags Still Work

You only get so much space and attention in a social message. Every character counts.  It’s frequently necessary to take stock and you may be asking, “Do Hashtags Still Work?” As our options to track and monetize our social messages become more diverse (stickers, emoji, etc), it makes sense to question whether our old friend the […]

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How Hashtags Help Posts Get Seen in the New Instagram Feed

The new Instagram feed relies on image popularity, not the traditional chronological timeline.  For many users, this change is throwing off their game entirely. This format is similar to Facebook, and relies on an algorithm that rewards popular content. Before you post in vain again, take the time for a re-think, and to adjust your […]

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How Live Streaming Walls Increase Event Engagement and ROI

Almost every event you will plan to attend in 2016 will have a hashtag attached to it, along with requests to tweet and post with that hashtag and tag specific users. If it seems like everyone’s doing it, it’s because they are. Social media posting is an accepted part of the live experience for sporting […]

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#Flowers or #Chocolate? The Look of Love On Social Media Infographic

Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone. This year’s celebration was a little more epic than most, given the fact that Valentine’s Day hooked up with President’s day, giving lovers all over the US the chance to sneak away for a long weekend. So what did Valentine’s Day look like on Social media? And what […]

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Top 10 Snacks for The Big Game: Infographic

Have you planned your snack menu yet for the big game? We’re putting in our #pizza order early, because this all time favorite is the #1 most talked about game day food buzzing on Twitter. If you were planning to serve #Wings and #Tacos – you are also not alone. Here’s what people are planning […]

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The Worst Advice We've Ever Heard About Hashtags

The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Hashtags

Since the launch of Hashtracking, we’ve been listening to an awful lot of Hashtag advice. Some of what we hear being advised is good, even great. And some of it is downright dreadful. Use all the Hashtags, all the time, everywhere. Yeah baby, keep shaking that salt! Make Your Hashtags SUPER specific, in fact go […]

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