Can #Oscars Hashtags Predict Academy Award Winners?

Can #Oscars Hashtags Predict Academy Award Winners?

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Is it possible that #Oscars Hashtag use on Twitter could predict the winners of the Oscars? Is there any correllation between Twitter and the Academy? Wonder what are fans saying about the nine films nominated for a Best Picture Award?

With the Oscars less than a week away, we could not control our curiosity. We’ve set up a Free Oscars “SuperTags” page for our users to follow along in the days leading up to the Oscars and during the event itself.

What’s so special about our SuperTags reports?

  • They are 100% free. We know everyone  is curious about certain types of tags – we are too.  It’s a nice way to give you a taste of our service, without requiring a commitment.
  • We follow heavy use tags, with real time updates so you can get the latest numbers and see what people are saying… RIGHT NOW. You can even join the conversation, right from the report page.
  • We provide you with a sampling of tweets, a transcript and some basic data. For more in depth analysis including Top Lists, we invite you to sign up for a Free Trial.

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One interesting thing we’ve noted about the Academy Awards Best Movie Nominees Hashtags is that shorter may be  better, at least when it comes to Twitter. Is #Argo in the lead because it was such a great film, or is a 4 character hashtag a significant part of the equation? Not too many people are tweeting with #BeastsofTheSouthernWild hashtag, which may be due to it’s beast of a length.

Who’ll win for best picture? Which Hashtag will perform the best? Tune back into the Oscars Supertags over the next few days to find out! 

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