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New in 2015 – History, Streaming, Instagram and More!

2014 has been a great year at Hashtracking .  We’ve worked with some of the socials biggest and best, tracking and analyzing over 18,000 hashtags in 206 countries. That’s over 1 billion tweets!  We’re excited to introduce new features that will make 2015 an even sweeter year for our Hashtracking friends. Hashtag History! Whether you’re […]

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5 Awesome Social Media Infographics

Infographics present data in a way that is easily digestible for those of us who are visual leaners. There’s no shortage of data, in fact we’re in data overload. And with all the data available about social media – platforms, trends and activity, an infographic junkie can have a field day taking it all in. […]

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The Future of Hashtags as Transactions

Hashtags are quickly becoming more than a way to join or create a conversation or express a mood or behavior. They are becoming a means to identify a transaction with new product offerings using hashtags as the driver. It was announced recently that Groupe BPCE, France’s second largest bank, is working on a plan allowing pay-by-tweet by […]

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Hashtag Influencer: Amy Lupold Bair

Amy Lupold Bair, blogger, social media marketer, and mom, is the founder of Resourceful Mommy Media. In 2008, Amy burst onto the social media scene inventing the Twitter Party – a hashtagged social event with panelists and a conversational theme catering to the needs of clients ranging from e-commerce start-ups to nationally recognized trusted brands. Developing […]

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Hashtag Influencer: Amy Oztan

Amy Oztan, founder of, is a full-time blogger and writer. Amy also co-founded a podcast covering blogging and technology topics at Amy was named’s Funniest Mom on Twitter for 2010 (@SelfishMom) and was on’s list of the fifteen most powerful women in social media. Amy has appeared on panels at the SheStreams […]

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Hashtag Influencer: Whitney Wingerd

Whitney Wingerd is the blogger behind Mommies with Style, she runs Mom Mixer Events with Colleeen Padilla,  and also has a family travel site She lives in the ‘burbs of Philly with her two boys, husband, her adorable cats. Follow Whitney on twitter at @WhitneyMWS. Q: What hashtags do you follow? Anything I’m hosting a party for; I also like to check out what’s trending on and I’ll follow that. Pretty much anything of interest to me! Q: What are your favorite hashtags to use? On an on­going basis, #running #fitness #runchat #disneysmmoms #rundisney and #mommixer. But on any given day, I have a column open to one hashtag or another for either a current event or brand/Twitter party I’m doing. Q: What platforms do you use or track hashtags on? Tweetdeck to follow; Hashtracking for the data! […]

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Stacey Ferguson Headshot

Hashtag Influencer: Stacey Ferguson

Stacey (also known online as Justice Fergie) is a digital brand strategist, new media attorney, veteran blogger, event producer, social media personality, public speaker, freelance writer, and Chief Curator of the Be Blogalicious community and conferences celebrating diversity among women in social media. Find her at or  We caught up with Stacey as part of […]

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5 Most Common Reasons Hashtracking Customers Track using Historic Data

When it comes to Hashtag data, we hear a lot of “I needed it yesterday” .  Customers constantly come to us and asking if we can track tags that have already peaked or ended (yes we can!). Why do they need it?   Here’s five of the most common reasons our customers give for using Hashtracking’s […]

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Justine Sacco's Tweet #HasJustineLandedYet

#HasJustineLandedYet Hashtag #Crashtag

Sometimes, when someone does or says something truly offensive and hateful, the world reacts in a way they only could in the 21st Century: They take to Twitter by the millions and use a hashtag. #HasJustineLandedYet is still trending on Twitter even 24 hours after it began, which for Twitter is a very long time, […]

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