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Three Practical IRL Uses for Hashtags

Hashtags are not just for the web anymore. New, practical uses for hashtags are springing up every day Most folks already know that hashtags are a great way to keep track of a conversation on Twitter or group your photos on Instagram. If you use social media, you’ve probably poked around and seen the way […]

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The History of #Hashtags Song

Here’s a little Hashtag Humor for a Monday Morning. Enjoy!

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Hot Hashtags: 5 Tips for Starting a Meme

Starting a meme! It’s every teenager and and every marketer’s dream. In the world of hashtags, the meme is a bit of a gold standard. But what is a meme and how do they work? A meme is defined as An element of a culture or behavior that may be passed from one individual to […]

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7 Signs that Hashtags are Here to Stay

These pounds seem to want to stick around. Here are some of the signs that we’ve noticed that indicate that hashtags are here to stay! All of your favorite tv shows have a hashtag Your toilet paper does too You no longer refer to that thing as the “tic tac toe grid” Someone just did […]

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5 Tips for Hosting a Twitter Party or Chat

A Twitter Party or Chat is a live, free event that is held on Twitter and focused around a hashtag. These events can prove fun and informative for participants but provide brands with a simple way to boost interest and engage customers and prospects. Whether you want to increase word of mouth, drive traffic to […]

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Hashtagify Yourself (and your kids, dog, home…) with Custom Hashtag Gear

As the trend towards personal hashtagging grows, and hashtags remain popular with brands, a secondary market has evolved. Customized hashtag gear is all the rage on Etsy and we’ve found a few items that we love here in the Hashtracking Office. Whether you hashtag for a brand or for your friends and family, there’s a […]

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Choosing Hashtags for Superbowl XLV11

You may have already chosen which team you’ll support, but have you chosen which hashtags you’ll follow on game day? Every year, shortly before the Superbowl the hashtags start to gather steam. A cautious approach is prudent. While some hashtags are obvious, there are bound to be a few surprise. You never know which hashtags […]

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