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The Worst Advice We've Ever Heard About Hashtags

The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Hashtags

Since the launch of Hashtracking, we’ve been listening to an awful lot of Hashtag advice. Some of what we hear being advised is good, even great. And some of it is downright dreadful. Use all the Hashtags, all the time, everywhere. Yeah baby, keep shaking that salt! Make Your Hashtags SUPER specific, in fact go […]

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7 Reasons Why Your Competitors Wish You Wouldn’t Track Hashtags in 2016

Your competitors wishes you wouldn’t take their hashtags, or yours too seriously.  Why would they want you to catch on? Hashtags contain a goldmine of information. But you have to track tags to unlock the Hashtag Secrets.  So go ahead, nod, and be sure to smile politely when they spend thousands of dollars on broad […]

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How to Start Using Instagram For Business in 2016

Marketers take note. Instagram’s visual impact on users has made a big impression, and no matter what your feelings are about it, the trend shows no sign of abating. This year, more than any other,  Instagram has become an essential tool for business marketing – no matter what type of business you might be in. If […]

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10 Ways to Use Hashtags To Build Your Brand (and Gain A Competitive Edge)

Hashtags are a powerful tool. At one time, only avid social media users were aware them. Nowadays, they’re everywhere. Despite the widespread popularity of hashtags, few brands and businesses know how to use hashtags skillfully. 1. Study Industry and Organization Hashtags. If you attend conferences or belong to trade organizations, there is almost certainly a corresponding […]

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When Hashtags Collide: #TCA14

Twice a year, for the past 20 years at least, the TV networks trot out all their wares for the Television Critics Association, and the critics have at them. Stars, producers and network execs all come before this group of what was once a Print Empire to get some much-needed “ink” about their shows. I […]

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Hashtag Humor: Make Sure the Joke Isn’t on You

Social media has become a multi-use platform. From politics, to videos and music sharing, to just simple conversation we have all found something of social value from these networks. One thing has made itself inherently clear, especially on Twitter, we’re all smart asses. Most of the humor on social media, at least the planned humor, […]

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Hashtagging in the Suburbs — Getting Local with Hashtags

Hashtags and trending topics are generally viewed as something of a global effect. While many hashtags are used to indicate the current activity of a Twitter party (such as #travelskills) or a current bashtag trend (#iamgoogle for instance), many more are used simply to communicate on a local level. In your town right now people […]

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The Hashtag Machine: Past, Present, and Future

Congratulations. You’ve just finished a killer social media campaign. Your director of marketing is patting you on the back, his firm black hair brushing gently against his well manicured hands as he breaths of sigh of relief. The CMO will be happy with the performance of his department. There was tons of interaction on social […]

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5 Most Common Reasons Hashtracking Customers Track using Historic Data

When it comes to Hashtag data, we hear a lot of “I needed it yesterday” .  Customers constantly come to us and asking if we can track tags that have already peaked or ended (yes we can!). Why do they need it?   Here’s five of the most common reasons our customers give for using Hashtracking’s […]

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