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Hashtracking #HashChat June 18th 10PT/1ET To Discuss Affiliate Marketing!

Hashtracking is thrilled to announce that we have just launched a Hashtracking Affiliate Marketing Program.  You asked and we listened. This program is perfect for chat communities and events and anyone who recommends our tool regularly! Want to learn more about how the Hashtracking Affiliate Program works? Join us for Hashchat on Thurdsay 6/18 at […]

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crowdsourcing instagram

Crowdsourcing Instagram: How to Use Multiple Contributors to Grow Your Account

Last week National Geographic shared one of the ways they have grown their wildly successful Instagram account, almost overnight: Multiple contributors. The account recently surpassed a billion likes and continues to grow in popularity.  For sure the excellent photo quality has something to do with that. But one other factor – group contribution, is worth […]

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How to Survive a Hashtag Hijacking

Hang Onto Your Hashtag! What To Do if Your Hashtag Gets Hijacked

This week in hashtags has seen a smallish company OnePlus respond to a larger one, Verizon in a concerted effort to hang onto their hashtag.  OnePlus is asserting that they are the originators of the #NeverSettle hashtag and slogan, which has recently been used as part of a larger nationwide ad campaign by Verizon.   […]

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Hashtracking Leaderboards

Keep the Score on Multiple Hashtags With Hashtracking Leaderboards

Have you ever run a contest with multiple hashtags or tried to keep track of multiple hashtags during a live event? Hashtracking has a long history of sharing public Leaderboards for large scale sporting events (See Hashtracking’s Olympics, March Madness and Superbowl Leaderboards) as well as for events like the Oscars. Hashtracking has now released […]

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When #Irish Guys Are Tweeting – Hashtracking Reveals Shocking St Patrick’s Day Data

When we started Hashtracking the hashtag #Irish on Twitter, on St Patricks Day, we expected to hear a lot of jokes about leprechauns and see savory links to corned beef and cabbage dishes.  We weren’t braced for what came next. Forget about four leaf clovers, pots of gold and rainbows.  We’re talking porn. But first some other […]

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How Big Brands Leveraged #MardiGras Hashtags on Twitter & Instagram

A Holiday like #MardiGras was made for Instagram and Twitter. The costumes, floats, parades and pageantry are iconic.  Not that we needed an excuse to follow along, but  we love this event, and it was  a perfect tag to put our new Instagram hashtag tracking product thought the paces. We can’t wait to share this […]

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Cultivating Visual Voice

The Five C’s of Cultivating Your Brand’s Visual Voice on Instagram and Beyond

If your brand is on social, you’ve probably already put a significant amount of thought into your brand’s voice. Defining your brand’s voice for social media messaging  is standard planning, but as visual platforms gain traction, defining your brand’s “visual voice” is becoming just as important as defining a characteristic verbal tone. Have you paid attention […]

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How Debbie Downer and a Bunch of Girls Won the Big Game

Yesterday I spent the day tracking advertising and brand hashtags for Hashtracking.  Weeks of prep went into my big game planning and strategy. I followed brands and agencies involved with the ads. I read articles about and reviewed the ads that were leaked beforehand and made note of each and every leaked campaign hashtag, so […]

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Join Us for a Live #HashChat During the Big Game to Dish on Advertising Hashtags

  We’re excited about the Big Game! We’ve made Free Game Day Hashtag Tracking a tradition around here and this year we’re inviting you into our war room. Our entire Hashtracking Team will be watching the game and tweeting live via our #HashChat hashtag and we hope you will join us! If you’re second screening […]

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