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How Big Brands Leveraged #MardiGras Hashtags on Twitter & Instagram

A Holiday like #MardiGras was made for Instagram and Twitter. The costumes, floats, parades and pageantry are iconic.  Not that we needed an excuse to follow along, but  we love this event, and it was  a perfect tag to put our new Instagram hashtag tracking product thought the paces. We can’t wait to share this […]

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Cultivating Visual Voice

The Five C’s of Cultivating Your Brand’s Visual Voice on Instagram and Beyond

If your brand is on social, you’ve probably already put a significant amount of thought into your brand’s voice. Defining your brand’s voice for social media messaging  is standard planning, but as visual platforms gain traction, defining your brand’s “visual voice” is becoming just as important as defining a characteristic verbal tone. Have you paid attention […]

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Join Us for a Live #HashChat During the Big Game to Dish on Advertising Hashtags

  We’re excited about the Big Game! We’ve made Free Game Day Hashtag Tracking a tradition around here and this year we’re inviting you into our war room. Our entire Hashtracking Team will be watching the game and tweeting live via our #HashChat hashtag and we hope you will join us! If you’re second screening […]

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