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hang onto your hashtags

Hang Onto Your Hashtags! Here’s Why Hashtags Still Work

You only get so much space and attention in a social message. Every character counts.  It’s frequently necessary to take stock and you may be asking, “Do Hashtags Still Work?” As our options to track and monetize our social messages become more diverse (stickers, emoji, etc), it makes sense to question whether our old friend the […]

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17 Stories: Hashtracking’s January 19th Social Media Week in Review

It’s a fast paced social world and keeping up with social media trends can get exhausting! We’re here to make that a little easier for you by sharing a social week in review with some of our favorite social media stories, marketing news and trending hashtag stories from the past week. It’s been an exceptionally busy […]

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Hashtracking Live Twitter Instagram Streaming Wall

Share Your Hashtag with a Live Social Streaming Wall by Hashtracking

Did you know that all Hashtracking Pro level customers now have the ability to share live social streaming walls for any of the hashtags they are actively tracking? Even better, Hashtracking Social Streaming Walls can be shared publicly via URL or projected live on a monitor or screen at an event.  Streaming walls encourage hashtag […]

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Crowdsourcing buzz words

Crowdsourcing #HashChat Recap

Our crowdsourcing #HashChat on August 6th included special guest Aliza Sherman who wrote the book on crowdsourcing. We had a great discussion on crowdsourcing with a focus on how and if  brands should do so on twitter. Some highlights are below. Twitter like every social channel is about CONVERSATIONS not communication.. use hashtags to sort […]

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Hashtag Influencer: Double Duty Divas

The Double Duty Divas are bloggers and working moms who run iRetreat conference (formerly Reviewer’s Retreat) as well as a blogger network. To say they’re busy is an understatement! Bridgette Duplantis and Cecelia Mecca met while attending BlogHer 2009 realizing quickly they had more in common than running successful review blogs. Bridgette and Cecelia maintained their sites while […]

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Hashtagging in the Suburbs — Getting Local with Hashtags

Hashtags and trending topics are generally viewed as something of a global effect. While many hashtags are used to indicate the current activity of a Twitter party (such as #travelskills) or a current bashtag trend (#iamgoogle for instance), many more are used simply to communicate on a local level. In your town right now people […]

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How To Recap Your Twitter Chat or Party with Hashtracking

It’s the day after your Twitter chat or party and you’re still glowing with the buzz. Your event was a success. Congratulations!  Meaningful engagement happened, insightful links were shared and witty tweets were re-tweeted.  Now what? Blink, and it’s gone.  Twitter is an ever flowing stream. It’s easy for valuable content, connections and good feelings to […]

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Can Twitter Hashtags Predict Oscars Winners?

This weekend the world will be watching the Academy Awards. There are many predictions about who will win a coveted Oscar this weekend. Could Twitter hashtags predict Oscars winners? Will the Academy’s choices reflect popular sentiment? There’s only one way to see. Check out which Oscars hashtags are trending on Twitter, with live stats and […]

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2014 Winter Olympics Hashtag Trends

Have you been watching the Winter Olympics Games in Sochi? And have you been watching the Hashtags? Several trends have emerged since the start of the Games. Social, political and personal stories have been played out across the internet in a stream of 140 character messages and conversations. These messages and images are giving us another […]

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