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Why You Should Track Competitor Hashtags with Hashtracking

At Hashtracking, the majority of our users come to us seeking to use our service as a measurement tool for their own campaigns. We’re great at that. But that’s not all we can do for your hashtag campaign efforts. Knowledge is power and knowledge of the competition is just the edge you might need to […]

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#WhyIHateInstagram feeds the Hashtag Platform Wars

This week on Twitter the Hashtag #WhyIHateInstagram was a trending tag. Ironically, the top complaint of users tweeting with the #WhyIHateInstagram trending hashtag, was the seemingly pointless use of too many hashtags. Hashtags originally became popular as a way to group topics, and create conversation threads. But not all hashtags are used this way, and […]

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Tutorial: Tracking Hashtags with Hashtracking

Following and tracking hashtags with Hashtracking is fast and easy. It only takes about five minutes to sign up and get started with one of our Free Trial or paid plans. Since our service works differently from others, we thought we’d share a quick tutorial to ¬†assist you in getting up and running speedily. ¬†Here’s […]

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Super Bowl Ad Hashtag Winners

Heading into the Superbowl we noticed a number of advertising hashtag trends. The hashtag campaigns were split into three distinct camps: The Crowdsourced Hashtags – These tags brought the viewer into the story, asking them to #steerthescript or determine the outcome of the ad and take action to name the main character (a baby horse) […]

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