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Join Us for a #Hashtracking Chat About Periscope Marketing 1/20 7PM ET

We’re looking forward to a whole new kind of #Hashtracking Chat. This Wednesday, we invite you to join us as we livestream on Blab or tweet with us on Twitter, with the hashtag #Hashtracking. We’ll be discussing current top stories in Social Media, and introduce you to some expert friends for a discussion about how […]

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17 Stories: Hashtracking’s January 19th Social Media Week in Review

It’s a fast paced social world and keeping up with social media trends can get exhausting! We’re here to make that a little easier for you by sharing a social week in review with some of our favorite social media stories, marketing news and trending hashtag stories from the past week. It’s been an exceptionally busy […]

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7 Reasons Why Your Competitors Wish You Wouldn’t Track Hashtags in 2016

Your competitors wishes you wouldn’t take their hashtags, or yours too seriously.  Why would they want you to catch on? Hashtags contain a goldmine of information. But you have to track tags to unlock the Hashtag Secrets.  So go ahead, nod, and be sure to smile politely when they spend thousands of dollars on broad […]

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#HashChat 7pm PT July 9th: Political Hashtags

Join the Hashtracking team tonight from 7:00-8:00 PM PT/ 10:00-11:00 PM ET for our (mostly) weekly hashtag chat. This week’s topic is political hashtags. How has Twitter and the use of hashtags impacted politics and public policy, both globally and locally? We’ll be talking about how candidates and activists use hashtags when campaigning, how typical […]

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#BringBackOurGirls: Hashtags as the Modern Petition/Protest

Once upon a time, when people were dissatisfied with actions their government leaders were or weren’t taking, they would stage a protest. Then came the idea of getting signatures on a petition. Now you can start a Hashtag campaign as well. The modern Hashtag campaign was borne out of frustration and the feeling that there […]

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#myNYPD Proves the Influential Power of Hashtags

It all started with an innocent enough tweet from the New York City Police department Twitter account @NYPDnews. They tweeted something seemingly positive on April 22nd, encouraging followers to hashtag photos with themselves and members of the NYPD. The photos would be featured on their Facebook page. On the surface, and for many brands, this […]

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2014 Winter Olympics Hashtag Trends

Have you been watching the Winter Olympics Games in Sochi? And have you been watching the Hashtags? Several trends have emerged since the start of the Games. Social, political and personal stories have been played out across the internet in a stream of 140 character messages and conversations. These messages and images are giving us another […]

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Track Olympics Hashtags for FREE on Hashtracking’s Leaderboard

  Are you curious about the tweets coming out of Sochi Russia? Wonder what the world has to say about the latest Winter Olympics developments and #SochiProblems?  Hashtracking can help you track Winter Olympics Hashtags. Hashtracking is currently tracking and sharing live data and analytics on over 400 hashtags related to the Winter Olympic Games […]

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