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Hashtags of the Heart: Weddings and Babies

Hashtags have become pretty standard issue when it comes to brands and media. Every storm and primetime premiere has a hashtag, as do elections and other large public events. It’s become de rigueur But what about smaller affairs? If hashtags can conquer the public sphere, why not use them as a handy shorthand for personal […]

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Can #Oscars Hashtags Predict Academy Award Winners?

Is it possible that #Oscars Hashtag use on Twitter could predict the winners of the Oscars? Is there any correllation between Twitter and the Academy? Wonder what are fans saying about the nine films nominated for a Best Picture Award? With the Oscars less than a week away, we could not control our curiosity. We’ve […]

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Super Bowl Ad Hashtag Winners

Heading into the Superbowl we noticed a number of advertising hashtag trends. The hashtag campaigns were split into three distinct camps: The Crowdsourced Hashtags – These tags brought the viewer into the story, asking them to #steerthescript or determine the outcome of the ad and take action to name the main character (a baby horse) […]

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Superbowl Ads 2013: Hashtag Trends

More viewers that ever this year, will be watching the big game on at least two screens: supplementing the experience with a tablet or mobile device. Watching on Two Screens According to Nielsen 1/3 of tablet owners 25-64 check sports scores on their tablet while watching on television. data also suggests that the most popular […]

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Choosing Hashtags for Superbowl XLV11

You may have already chosen which team you’ll support, but have you chosen which hashtags you’ll follow on game day? Every year, shortly before the Superbowl the hashtags start to gather steam. A cautious approach is prudent. While some hashtags are obvious, there are bound to be a few surprise. You never know which hashtags […]

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