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How to Set up Hashtracking Hashtag Tracking for Twitter and Instagram

Ready to start tracking Hashtags? Here’s a how to set up tracking on both Twitter and Instagram. Adding a NEW Hashtag to your Dashboard: 1. Open your My Hashtags Page 2. Click on the Add Hashtag Button in the upper right hand corner of the page. This will open up a dialogue for you to […]

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Hashtracking Hashtag Tracking Terms: Analytics and Reports

Hashtracking uses two terms to describe your data once you are following a hashtag: Analytics and Reports. It’s important to understand the difference between these two. Analytics: With Hashtracking, you follow a hashtag, collecting every tweet or post as it happens. Once you are following a hashtag, and it is collecting data, you are completely free […]

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How to Survive a Hashtag Hijacking

Hang Onto Your Hashtag! What To Do if Your Hashtag Gets Hijacked

This week in hashtags has seen a smallish company OnePlus respond to a larger one, Verizon in a concerted effort to hang onto their hashtag.  OnePlus is asserting that they are the originators of the #NeverSettle hashtag and slogan, which has recently been used as part of a larger nationwide ad campaign by Verizon.   […]

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Viral Hashtags

Why #CharlieCharlieChallenge is a Viral Perfect Storm

With over 2.8 million tweets in the last few weeks of May, and no sign of slowing, the hashtag #CharlieCharlieChallenge is a viral sensation.  Hashtracking has been tracking how the hashtag went viral on Twitter and on Instagram, spawning overnight  Charlie Charlie Challenge accounts like this  The hashtag has mainly experienced viral growth on Twitter […]

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Hashtracking Leaderboards

Keep the Score on Multiple Hashtags With Hashtracking Leaderboards

Have you ever run a contest with multiple hashtags or tried to keep track of multiple hashtags during a live event? Hashtracking has a long history of sharing public Leaderboards for large scale sporting events (See Hashtracking’s Olympics, March Madness and Superbowl Leaderboards) as well as for events like the Oscars. Hashtracking has now released […]

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Hashtracking Live Twitter Instagram Streaming Wall

Share Your Hashtag with a Live Social Streaming Wall by Hashtracking

Did you know that all Hashtracking Pro level customers now have the ability to share live social streaming walls for any of the hashtags they are actively tracking? Even better, Hashtracking Social Streaming Walls can be shared publicly via URL or projected live on a monitor or screen at an event.  Streaming walls encourage hashtag […]

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Follow Earth Day Hashtags with Hashtracking #EarthDay2015

Every year Earth Day Hashtags take over social. Not sure which ones to follow? We can help. We’ve created a handy Earth Day Hashtag Leaderboard that can help you keep score and see the latest tweets.   Looking for a more interactive experience? Watch the #EarthDayEveryDay posts stream by on a Hashtracking Streaming Wall  Happy […]

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See Instagram in Color With Hashtracking’s ColorTracking

We’re generally thrilled to have released Instagram tracking for our customers. But part of this exciting new release has us tickled pink, and yellow and chartreuse and cyan too. ColorTracking from Hashtracking gives you a brand new way to explore your Instagram analytics. See the world of Instagram IN COLOR Hashtracking Instagram Tracking with Patent […]

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When #Irish Guys Are Tweeting – Hashtracking Reveals Shocking St Patrick’s Day Data

When we started Hashtracking the hashtag #Irish on Twitter, on St Patricks Day, we expected to hear a lot of jokes about leprechauns and see savory links to corned beef and cabbage dishes.  We weren’t braced for what came next. Forget about four leaf clovers, pots of gold and rainbows.  We’re talking porn. But first some other […]

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