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Tutorial: Tracking Hashtags with Hashtracking

Following and tracking hashtags with Hashtracking is fast and easy. It only takes about five minutes to sign up and get started with one of our Free Trial or paid plans. Since our service works differently from others, we thought we’d share a quick tutorial to  assist you in getting up and running speedily.  Here’s […]

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Twitter Gets the Patent on Twitter

“Look Ma, I’m an inventor!” tweeted Twitter founder Biz Stone. Clearly the founders were thrilled with the granting of their patent. Twitter first applied for a patent on it’s unique messaging system back in 2007 and finally, years later, their wish has been granted. It’s not the first patent for Twitter – their “pull down […]

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Hashtags of the Heart: Weddings and Babies

Hashtags have become pretty standard issue when it comes to brands and media. Every storm and primetime premiere has a hashtag, as do elections and other large public events. It’s become de rigueur But what about smaller affairs? If hashtags can conquer the public sphere, why not use them as a handy shorthand for personal […]

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Superbowl Ads 2013: Hashtag Trends

More viewers that ever this year, will be watching the big game on at least two screens: supplementing the experience with a tablet or mobile device. Watching on Two Screens According to Nielsen 1/3 of tablet owners 25-64 check sports scores on their tablet while watching on television. data also suggests that the most popular […]

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How to use Hashtags for Competitive Analysis

Have you checked out the competition? Before implementing any hashtag campaign it’s a good idea to evaluate what tags your competitors are using and how they are performing. Some of these tags may be obvious as they contain the brand or campaign name. But some are less obvious. Types of hashtags to look for include: […]

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Evolution of the Hashtag

The hashtag has come a long way since its humble beginning. Hashtags began as a simple way to organize and categorize conversations and have since developed into a Twitter culture focal point. Today, hashtags help ensure that your tweets don’t get lost in the sea of conversations, but also provide a way to entertain, attract customers, […]

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