Community #HashChat Recap

Community #HashChat Recap

Our most recent #HashChat was all about building community through hashtags. Hashtags are not just a way to express yourself when used regularly hashtags help connect those with shared interest. In most cases the beginning of a hashtag to connect can move well beyond the original intent as your community grows and the hashtag evolves.

Our panelists included @Momfluential (co-founder of Hashtracking), @CentsibleLife (who hosts a regular #CentsChat for readers), @TAMcDonald (one of the tweeters behind @NoKidHungry and their related hashtags), @BruceSallan (who hosts the well loved #DadChat from 6-7pm each Thursday) and of course our @Hashtracking handle.

There is a lot to learn in the transcript both from the questions we asked and the great questions our #HashChat community asked. Here are a few highlights.







Buzz words Community HashChat


Stats community Hashchat

Find all the details, stats and a transcript in our #HashChat Hashtracking report.


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