Deleting vs Deactivating Your Hashtag Analytics Data

Depending on your Hashtracking plan, you have a set number of tracking slots. These slots will determine the number of hashtags that you can follow on Twitter or Instagram simultaneously.

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There is no restriction on how often you want to switch the tags you are following. But if you want to preserve data and reports for the hashtags you have already followed, it’s important that you DO NOT DELETE the hashtags when it is time to switch. Instead you want to deactivate the hashtag you no longer wish to follow, thus freeing up space to follow another.

Deactivating hashtags is a quick and simple process. Here’s how to do it:

1. Log in and open the My Hashtags Page from the top nav menu on

Find your active hashtag you want to deactivate

2. Locate the hashtag you wish to deactivate. Active hashtags are easy to identify because the active networks (Twitter and/or Instagram) will be “lit” in color. Note the tabbed menu on the hashtag box.

Deactivating hashtags in your hashtracking account

3. Click the network tab, opening up the network control panel. Toggle the control from “on” to “off” and hit update.

Toggle the network switch to off to deactivate the hashtag data collection

4. The hashtag, and any reports associated with the hashtag, will now appear as an inactive hashtag, at the bottom of your My hashtags page. The networks will now be gray, showing at a glance that this is an inactive tag, you are no longer following. All collected data and reports however, will still be accessible.

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If you wish to save the data it is imperative that you DO NOT DELETE the hashtag when you wish to stop following. There is no limit to how many inactive hashtags/reports you can store.

Deleting is useful when you no longer wish to follow the hashtag or save the data, but should only be used in cases when you are sure you will no longer wish to access the data collected in the future.

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