Hashtracking 101: How To Use Hashtags As A Secret Marketing Weapon

Ask most brands, bloggers, and social media marketing managers how they are strategically using hashtags and you will be met with a classic “deer in the headlights” look, followed quickly by an intake of breath and short over-confident explanation of how they add some hashtags on Instagram and some on Twitter and possibly incorporate a tracking campaign into their monthly listening programs.

This is not strategy.

It’s not their fault. Love them or hate them, most social media users are aware of hashtags. Hashtags have been most closely associated with campaigns and social causes as well as a way to add emphasis to a 140 character message.

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What most people are missing, is the powerful data that is available when you scratch the surface.

If you are only tracking hashtags when your campaigns are active,  you are missing the boat, and missing out on valuable information that you could be using to:

  • Lead industry conversations
  • Grow your following
  • Know and engage with your customers/followers
  • Find & court powerful influencers
  • Create and curate content that resonates with your targeted audience
  • Forge powerful partnerships

Anyone can launch a Hashtagged campaign.  But a successful campaign (Hashtagged or not) is one that is launched in fertile ground, with a solid knowledge of the lay of the social-media-land. Not just a tacked on word or phrase used for tracking.

If only social media managers and users could let go of this notion that Hashtag tracking is only for showing ROI on active campaigns, they might learn the valuable secret that a select few have mastered: The art of data mining and prospecting via hashtag.

People probably don’t talk about it all that much because they either don’t get it, or don’t want you to know. Hashtag data mining is a lot less expensive than broad listening and almost always provides results – real actionable data – quickly, easily and simply. You don’t need a masters degree in data analysis or even to call your IT guy to get at this data.

Over the course of the next few weeks we’ll be developing a series of articles designed to help you dig deeper with your Hashtag research, and learn more so that you can make more informed and strategic decisions.  

We’ll tell you:

  • The 4 Types of Hashtags you NEED to follow right now
  • The Key Analytics to Look at When Looking for Influencers
  • How to Recognize the Contest Your Audience is Thirsting For
  • Which Hashtags to Pay Attention to, and Which You Can Ignore
  • How to Use all Your Hashtag Intel to Craft Your Own Hashtag Strategies for Growth

Interested? Ready to take your Social game to the next level and start using Hashtag research as a secret weapon? These upcoming articles and webinars will be interactive, highly-focused events.

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About Ciaran Blumenfeld

Ciaran Blumenfeld is a serial entrepreneur with a pedigree in marketing & advertising. She's one of the original co-founders of Hashtracking. She enjoys a strong, engaged personal social media presence with footholds in the parenting, lifestyle and travel markets. As a marketer Ciaran can be found overseeing multi-platform digital campaigns from strategy to execution. This is when her geek side shows.

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