17 Stories: Hashtracking’s January 19th Social Media Week in Review


It’s a fast paced social world and keeping up with social media trends can get exhausting! We’re here to make that a little easier for you by sharing a social week in review with some of our favorite social media stories, marketing news and trending hashtag stories from the past week.

It’s been an exceptionally busy week in social media – full of love, and loss. Here’s what you might have missed:

  1. The worlds first social media orgasm?
  2. Celebrities tweeted about the loss of rock legend, Glenn Frey.
  3. And #RIPDavidBowie was trending for days on multiple platforms
  4. Harry Potter fans shared to mark the passing of beloved actor Alan Rickman.
  5. Studies revealed the most liked politicians on Facebook.
  6. This country used Social Media to help draft their new constitution.
  7. This country’s first female president got her own hashtag – #TSAINAMI.
  8. This surprising and positive hashtag aimed to get everyone in France to wear a Jewish skullcap.
  9. New Yorkers responded to GOP candidate Ted Cruz’s criticism with a collection of #NewYorkValues posts.
  10. We learned about the clever campaign that translated delicious recipes into emoji.
  11. The biggest cliches on instagram, were edited into an awesome video
  12. Twitter expressed #OscarsSoWhite outrage about the lack of diversity amongst Oscar nominees…again!
  13. We learned what happens to your phone when you are an instagram superstar and forget to shut off notifications.
  14. We met the instagram celebrity who is flown around the world to party on private yachts.
  15. Toyota got super personal with over 100 versions of this Rav4 ad.
  16. Arizona revealed their plan to shame deadbeat dads via Twitter hashtags.
  17. We revealed 7 compelling reasons why everyone with Social Media #Goals should be tracking hashtags in 2016

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