Hashtracking is Still Tracking Hashtags on Instagram and Twitter


Over the course of the past week, we have received countless questions about recent Instagram API changes and how that affects Hashtracking customer’s ability to track hashtags and hashtag campaigns on the Hashtracking platform.

Hashtracking is still able to provide hashtag reporting for our customers who are tracking hashtags on Instagram. 

We are happy to report that for the time being, Hashtracking is still able to support hashtag tracking on Instagram, and will continue to do so as long as we are able. We are committed to helping our customers track hashtags, now and in the future. Whether you are tracking a contest, a community or a specific campaign, we are still here for you.

Hashtags matter to our customers, to the world, and we know they still matter to you.

Hashtags are a valid marketing measurement tool, however they do much more than track advertising and marketing campaigns. Hashtags promote social change, spread news and can even help first responders know where to go in a crisis. Hashtags unite causes and conversations, in real time, throughout the world. In many ways, hashtags have provided people with a simple virtual meeting space, a place to assemble with like minded individuals, no matter where those individuals are physically located.

Hashtags are more than a clever trend, they are a modern public utility, and the examples of their impact are myriad. Just look at the impact of messages (spread with hashtags) like #MeToo and #MarchForOurLives. Because we have been able to transparently track these we know that they have had millions of participants and billions of impressions, on both Instagram and Twitter and beyond. We are aware of the conversation leaders, and areas of greatest impact.

Hashtags unite people and spread messages across platforms and borders.

But without the ability to track and measure them, hashtags lose their punch. This is a great loss for our customers, and the world.

Hashtracking was founded for the specific task of tracking hashtags, because we believe hashtags are important and have changed the modern landscape. Many of our customers are small businesses and non-profit organizations who owe a large part of their success and community growth to the use of Hashtags over the past decade.

We remain committed to hashtags and to our customers who track them on multiple platforms for reasons that range from marketing, to news reporting, and humanitarian causes.

About Ciaran Blumenfeld

Ciaran Blumenfeld is a serial entrepreneur with a pedigree in marketing & advertising. She's one of the original co-founders of Hashtracking. She enjoys a strong, engaged personal social media presence with footholds in the parenting, lifestyle and travel markets. As a marketer Ciaran can be found overseeing multi-platform digital campaigns from strategy to execution. This is when her geek side shows.

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