See Instagram in Color With Hashtracking’s ColorTracking

See Instagram in Color With Hashtracking's ColorTracking

InstawithcolorWe’re generally thrilled to have released Instagram tracking for our customers. But part of this exciting new release has us tickled pink, and yellow and chartreuse and cyan too. ColorTracking from Hashtracking gives you a brand new way to explore your Instagram analytics.

See the world of Instagram IN COLOR

Hashtracking Instagram Tracking with Patent Pending ColorTracking is the first and only Instagram Tracking tool that gives you insight into the role of color on Instagram campaigns.

  • Track Instagram engagement based on image color.
  • Filter, sort, and display Instagram images based on color.
  • Use color intelligence to increase your campaign success!

Ready to get started?  Here’s a sneak peek at the new ColorTracking tab for Instagram analytics that awaits our subscribers. Start tracking today… at no extra cost! To view ColorTracking Data, click on the ColorTracking tab in your Instagram Analytics or Report. Hashtracking ColorTracking ColorTracking assigns a specific representative color to each image. This represents the color that is most dominant in the image.The ColorTracking viewer defaults to show all the images, as a feed of single colored images so you get an immediate feel for the “color” of the hashtag. Track a few hashtags like #ocean, #beach and #skiing. You’re sure to notice some obvious trends. But other trends may surprise you. Hashtracking ColorTracking Toggle View You can toggle between viewing the ColorTracking image feed as a color grid with representative colors for each post, or if you prefer to see the images, and not color squares, you can toggle the view to show the images, rather than a color grid. It’s fun to see how the colors in the image translate to the colors in the grid. ColorTracking Click for More info Hovering over the color squares will reveal the image of the specific post. Clicking will pull up a larger version of the post with additional data about the image including a full color palette, post caption and user info, geodata (if available), comments and likes. Examining the full color palette can give you further clues into what colors, when used in combination, are likely to generate higher engagement. Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 8.01.57 PM   To dig in a little further, you can filter  images by color. This allows you to review only red, or blue images, and examine the engagement of each color group individually. This can be especially useful when searching for hashtagged images to feature in a polished looking collection. ColorTracking Sort by Likes You can sort the ColorTracking results by date, likes and comments, at any time. This makes it easy to review the engagement that different colored images have generated.

Want to watch a quick video on how to use ColorTracking? This video give you the basics on how to filter and analyze the results on your Hashtracking  ColorTracking Tab.

What will you do with your ColorTracking data? Consider the following for your campaigns:

  • Look at the hashtagged images your customers are sharing of your products  – do any specific colors stand out?
  • Look at the colors within a hashtag that are generating the most comments and likes
  • Use color creatively, and knowledgably  in your next campaign.

We’ll be sharing more ideas on this in the future. Be sure to subscribe to the blog and/or the newsletter so you don’t miss a post!

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