Live Spam free Hashtag Reports for Events via Hashtracking

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Sharing the hashtagged stream from your chat or event just got easier and safer with Hashtracking’s live Spam filtered Hashtag Display Reports.

Last week we introduced our new spam filtering tool and this week we are pleased to present our “Display Mode” reports to our pro customers.  Used together, these two tools give chats moderators, event organizers and conference hosts a new way to confidently display and share their streams live, in real time, without fear of spam interrupting the conversation. Real time Display Mode reports can be shared via URL, for live viewing and/or interaction with a hashtag.

Live, real-time Display Mode reports update automatically, showing:

  • The full hashtag Transcript starting with most recent tweets via a live, auto refreshing transcript
  • Spam filtered content only, per your choice of spam filtering settings.
  • Top line Overview chart data only  (more proprietary drill-down data including top lists, links and other hashtags, remains confidential)

We developed these specialized reports based on feedback from users and with the needs of these specific users in mind.

Who needs Display Mode Reports?

  • Chat Moderators – Conduct your chat directly from the URL of the Display Mode report. Users can engage (tweet, reply and retweet) directly from the Display Mode Report Page and won’t have to deal with issues of spam. The transcript auto refreshes so it’s easy to follow the conversation as it happens in real time.
  • Event& Conference Organizers: Put your stream on the big screen for attendees to follow, and share the URL with followers not in attendance. Spam filtered Display Mode reports make displaying a live feed of your event’s hashtag far safer and more convenient. No need to keep hitting refresh to update, the custom report URL will do that for you.

When the end time of aDisplay Mode Report  has been reached, the report will become static (stop refreshing) and continue to live at the same address, enabling you to share the complete transcript with fans and followers after the fact.

We are pretty excited about the combination of Spam Filtering and Live Display Mode reports and the utility that this”perfect pairing” presents to our current and future customers. We’d love to hear your feedback about these new features!

For a current, live example (as of this publish date)  of this Check out the Hashtracking Display Mode Report for the upcoming #Mom2Summit 

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