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#WhyIHateInstagram feeds the Hashtag Platform Wars

This week on Twitter the Hashtag #WhyIHateInstagram was a trending tag. Ironically, the top complaint of users tweeting with the #WhyIHateInstagram trending hashtag, was the seemingly pointless use of too many hashtags. Hashtags originally became popular as a way to group topics, and create conversation threads. But not all hashtags are used this way, and […]

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Hashtagify Yourself (and your kids, dog, home…) with Custom Hashtag Gear

As the trend towards personal hashtagging grows, and hashtags remain popular with brands, a secondary market has evolved. Customized hashtag gear is all the rage on Etsy and we’ve found a few items that we love here in the Hashtracking Office. Whether you hashtag for a brand or for your friends and family, there’s a […]

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Hashtracking Spam Filters Stop Hashtag Spam from Wrecking Your Tags

What makes a marketer go from high fives to a forehead smack in five seconds flat? That dreadful moment when your “trending tag” goes from top of the charts glory to shot down by spam despair. There isn’t much you can do to prevent a hashtag spam attack during a live hashtagged event. The more […]

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Tutorial: Tracking Hashtags with Hashtracking

Following and tracking hashtags with Hashtracking is fast and easy. It only takes about five minutes to sign up and get started with one of our Free Trial or paid plans. Since our service works differently from others, we thought we’d share a quick tutorial to ¬†assist you in getting up and running speedily. ¬†Here’s […]

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Choosing a Hot Hashtag, Good or Bad Idea?

As tempting as it may be to hop onto a trending tag, it’s important to thoroughly research a hashtag and understand its use and popularity before you adopt it. For example, you’re heading on a trip to Spain and want to share it with your (or your brand’s) followers. Do you tweet with #Spain, #Travel […]

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Twitter Gets the Patent on Twitter

“Look Ma, I’m an inventor!” tweeted Twitter founder Biz Stone. Clearly the founders were thrilled with the granting of their patent. Twitter first applied for a patent on it’s unique messaging system back in 2007 and finally, years later, their wish has been granted. It’s not the first patent for Twitter – their “pull down […]

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Hashtags of the Heart: Weddings and Babies

Hashtags have become pretty standard issue when it comes to brands and media. Every storm and primetime premiere has a hashtag, as do elections and other large public events. It’s become de rigueur But what about smaller affairs? If hashtags can conquer the public sphere, why not use them as a handy shorthand for personal […]

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Can #Oscars Hashtags Predict Academy Award Winners?

Is it possible that #Oscars Hashtag use on Twitter could predict the winners of the Oscars? Is there any correllation between Twitter and the Academy? Wonder what are fans saying about the nine films nominated for a Best Picture Award? With the Oscars less than a week away, we could not control our curiosity. We’ve […]

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Paying the Bill with a Hashtag?

After this recent announcement from Amex, it looks like Hashtags are about to turn into Cashtags. Amex and Twitter have partnered on a program that allows cardholders to take advantage of special purchase offers by tweeting with a hashtag. What is interesting is this brand new use of the Hashtag for e-commerce, and the other […]

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Super Bowl Ad Hashtag Winners

Heading into the Superbowl we noticed a number of advertising hashtag trends. The hashtag campaigns were split into three distinct camps: The Crowdsourced Hashtags – These tags brought the viewer into the story, asking them to #steerthescript or determine the outcome of the ad and take action to name the main character (a baby horse) […]

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