How to Use Hashtracking Reports for Twitter Chats and Parties


Already using Hashtracking reports for your Twitter Chats and Parties?  You may not be familiar with our newest form of report: The “Display Mode” report.

Keeping up with a lively chat can be hard work for both hashtag event attendees, and organizers. Tweets come in constantly and unless you are using a system that filters out unrelated messages, it’s easy to lose the thread of the discussion. The last thing you want to do is miss a tweet, while checking your stats!

Did you know that you can view and interact with your twitter chat, live, directly from a Display Mode report?

While there are several platforms created expressly for tracking and participating in  hashtagged conversations, Hashtracking Display Mode reports were created specifically for the chat organizer/event coordinator’s needs. No other reports for twitter chats and parties can do what these do – serving as platform, tracker and archive for your event, in one handy place.

Here’s how to set your Display Mode Report for Twitter Chats and Parties:

From your My Tags page, make sure you are already following the hashtag you wish to create a report for.

  • Click to” view analytics”
  • Set the start and finish date/time for the time period of your Twitter Period or event. You may wish to start just before, and end a little bit after.
  • Note: It’s ok to set an end date in the future. When you look at the report in real time, it will continue to refresh until it reaches the end time you have specified.
  • If you are concerned that Spam could be a problem, set the spam filter to low, or high. This will automatically filter out spam, live in real time, so it is never even displayed in your report’s transcript feed.
  • Click the Display Mode Button (this creates an auto refreshing, abbreviated report)
  • Click the Public button (this allows you to share the URL for the report so that others can also view your event on the same page)
  • Create your report
  • Note & Copy the Display Mode Report URL for sharing with your followers.

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 4.08.01 PM


Once the report is created, it is “live” and you can share the URL with your followers. This page is all your followers need, in order to see and participate in your Hashtagged Chat.

From the Display Mode Report page you and your  followers can:

  • Keep up with and read the transcript of the chat, in real time
  • Click to follow other chat participants
  • Respond to tweets
  • Create & share original messages.

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 4.09.27 PM

Viewers can also see up to the minute basic stats about the chat, including number of tweets and impressions. More detailed data such as top lists is not, however, displayed to the public, as many brands and chat organizers prefer to keep this information private.  This data is (of course) also available to account holders via our regular reports and you are free to generate as many reports as you wish, on all the hashtags you follow

The Display Mode Report transcript will continue to refresh throughout your report. After the event has ended, the page will become static, but will remain live and share-able. Users can return to the link to read the full transcript of your hashtagged conversation and can still engage and reply directly from the report page.

Pro Tips:

  • Create a Display Mode Report for your Weekly chat and place the links to your chat “archives” on your site. This is valuable content your users will enjoy referring back to.
  • Use the Display Mode Report’s  transcript tweet numbering (discretely located next to the follow button) along with to track/count tweets during your event and pull random winners for a giveaway

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