Satisfy Your Curiosity With CatTracking by Hashtracking

CatTrackingTM CatTracking is a new multi-platform tracking program from Hashtracking Inc. According to Google, people search the word “cats” online more than 30 million times per month. Until recently it was next to impossible to measure the impact and influence of those cats. With the launch of CatTracking, a new multi-platform tracking program from Hashtracking, it will be possible to satisfy your curiosity without spending 9 lives doing toiling research. Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 12.48.30 AM

CatTracking by Hashtracking uses live data on hundreds of cat-related hashtags to provide groundbreaking feline analytics.

CatTracking includes the simple and easy-to-read charts and graphics that have made Hashtracking the leading hashtag analytics company. From the dawn of social media, it’s been apparent to us what an integral role cats play. We’ve been tracking #bacon for years, but only recently have we cracked the code to tracking cats in a more comprehensive fashion. meandgrumycat People have been asking me what inspired this new product and it’s hard to pinpoint one thing in particular. I’m a cat fan, and recognize the power of internets cats.  Even my own cat has enjoyed a small measure of fame, appearing on an album cover after being discovered on Instagram.  But if I had to pick one lightning strike moment, It would have to be meeting Grumpy Cat in 2013.  I knew there was a need for better tracking and analytics in the cat field… Cat-alytics, so to speak. This phenomenon needs to be tracked!

CatTracking is available in beta to select customers, but will be globally available sometime after April 1 2015.

As hashtag news and trends continue to stream, Hashtracking will continue to track hundreds of cat-related hashtags and will provide full hashtag analytics for specific hashtags to qualified media on a per request basis. Read more about CatTracking here

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Ciaran Blumenfeld is a serial entrepreneur with a pedigree in marketing & advertising. She's one of the original co-founders of Hashtracking. She enjoys a strong, engaged personal social media presence with footholds in the parenting, lifestyle and travel markets. As a marketer Ciaran can be found overseeing multi-platform digital campaigns from strategy to execution. This is when her geek side shows.

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