Social Medial Goals: #GetOnTrack in 2016 With a Special Bonus Tag Offer from Hashtracking


Are you on track to reach your social media goals this year?  2016 is the year for you to #GetOnTrack, and we’re here to help you. 

Now is a perfect time to set some social media resolutions, starting with better planning and monitoring of your social efforts.

In the past year hashtags have grown in popularity and settled into mainstream culture. From the news, to politics, to marketing campaigns, causes and events both large and small, hashtags are absolutely everywhere. Hashtags are here to stay for the long run and if you aren’t paying attention, you are missing out on valuable insights that could help your brand or business.

Whether you use hashtags to build community, filter content, track campaigns, spread a message or simply keep up with trending topics, it’s going to be more important than ever to track hashtags in 2016.

Make that little pound sign pull some weight! Hashtracking analytics and reports give you unparalleled real time insight into the performance of Twitter and Instagram hashtags. Give your social media efforts a little more muscle.  Don’t miss this chance to get on track!

At Hashtracking our job this year is to help you stay on top of all your hashtags. To help do that, we’ve got a couple of special bonuses for customers who sign up for or upgrade to a pro level yearly account by January 15th.

 Hashtag #Bonus Number One – FREE Hashtags for yearly customers

  • Bronze Level Customers get 1 extra Hashtag (6 total tracking slots)

  • Silver Level Customers get 2 extra Hashtags (17 total tracking slots)

  • Gold Level Customers get 3 extra Hashtags  (43 total tracking slots)


Hashtag #Bonus Number Two: save 10% when you sign up for the entire year. 

Get a discount for the year AND free tags too? #Winning. That’s starting the year out right! 

Plus,  all year long pro-level customers will receive a reserved spot in our “How to be a Hashtag Hero” Webinar, and unlimited Explorer Plus Snapshot Report PDFs in the coming year.

 Don’t miss out on this great offer! Sign up today to save! On January 16th the #GetOnTrack #Bonus tags offer will expire. 

 Happy New Year and Happy Tracking!

About Ciaran Blumenfeld

Ciaran Blumenfeld is a serial entrepreneur with a pedigree in marketing & advertising. She's one of the original co-founders of Hashtracking. She enjoys a strong, engaged personal social media presence with footholds in the parenting, lifestyle and travel markets. As a marketer Ciaran can be found overseeing multi-platform digital campaigns from strategy to execution. This is when her geek side shows.

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