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Crowdsourcing Humor: Late Night Hashtags with Jimmy Fallon

Humor meets crowdsourcing with Jimmy Fallon’s (@jimmyfallon) popular “Late Night Hashtags” segment. Each week the late night hosts picks a hashtag and hilarity ensues. This is just another clever example of celebrity Twitter leverage and hashtag creativity. We particularly enjoyed this #Gamedaysuperstitions Hashtag, and this #WorstSuperbowlParty one as well. Follow the entire series of (frequently […]

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Choosing Hashtags for Superbowl XLV11

You may have already chosen which team you’ll support, but have you chosen which hashtags you’ll follow on game day? Every year, shortly before the Superbowl the hashtags start to gather steam. A cautious approach is prudent. While some hashtags are obvious, there are bound to be a few surprise. You never know which hashtags […]

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Short Term vs Long Term Hashtag Use

Hashtags are all created equal in terms of digital utility. But some hashtags are built for use in the long term, while others are created with the intent of tracking a specific event. It’s important to consider timeframe in relation to your goals and your audience when creating and tracking hashtags. When to Create a […]

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11 Questions to Help You Choose the Right Hashtag

You’re launching a campaign, hosting an event or trying to get the word out about a cause… It makes sense to use a hashtag to distinguish your messages from millions of others floating around twitter. But choosing the right hashtag can be a daunting task. Here are 11 tips to consider, before you hit the […]

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How to use Hashtags for Competitive Analysis

Have you checked out the competition? Before implementing any hashtag campaign it’s a good idea to evaluate what tags your competitors are using and how they are performing. Some of these tags may be obvious as they contain the brand or campaign name. But some are less obvious. Types of hashtags to look for include: […]

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Evolution of the Hashtag

The hashtag has come a long way since its humble beginning. Hashtags began as a simple way to organize and categorize conversations and have since developed into a Twitter culture focal point. Today, hashtags help ensure that your tweets don’t get lost in the sea of conversations, but also provide a way to entertain, attract customers, […]

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11 Ways Conferences Use Hashtags

Have you attended or held a conference lately? Did you use a hashtag? Hashtags help organizers and attendees sift and filter conference related messages on Twitter. They enhance communication, increase buzz and offer unique marketing opportunities. There are a number of specific ways that conference organizers (and attendees) use hashtags. These include: General Marketing – […]

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#DisneyStarWars Hashtag Reveals Public Reactions

Gauging public reaction to the announcement of big brand news can be tricky. Unless of course, there is a hashtag associated with the breaking news. On Tuesday, October 30, Disney set off a Twitter frenzy among fans, announcing that it would buy LucasFilms for $4.05 billion. The response from Star Wars fans was mixed. Many […]

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What Is a Hashtag?

If you’re new to the Twitter world, or even if you’re not, you may be wondering, “Just what is a hashtag?” The term hashtag may imply a complex meaning, but the answer is actually very simple. A hashtag is just a word or group of words with the # (pound sign) in front of it […]

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