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How Hashtags Help Posts Get Seen in the New Instagram Feed

The new Instagram feed relies on image popularity, not the traditional chronological timeline.  For many users, this change is throwing off their game entirely. This format is similar to Facebook, and relies on an algorithm that rewards popular content. Before you post in vain again, take the time for a re-think, and to adjust your […]

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HOW TO BECOME A HASHTAG SUPERHERO - Webinar series and exclusive, insider tips coming!

Hashtracking 101: How To Use Hashtags As A Secret Marketing Weapon

Ask most brands, bloggers, and social media marketing managers how they are strategically using hashtags and you will be met with a classic “deer in the headlights” look, followed quickly by an intake of breath and short over-confident explanation of how they add some hashtags on Instagram and some on Twitter and possibly incorporate a […]

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Show Your Colors on Instagram & Enter to #WIN an Apple Watch

Ready to have some fun with color on Instagram? Now through Labor Day, Hashtracking is running a colorful contest that could win you an Apple Watch, Starbucks Giftcards, or a personalized Hashtag Necklace from Survival of The Hippest. We’ve made it easy to experiment with color as you show your colors on Instagram! Entering is […]

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How to Use Hashtags on Instagram, Twitter and Beyond: Infographic

Curious about how to use hashtags on popular social media platforms?  Choosing the right hashtag, or hashtags can be quite confusing! For best results you should have a plan.  All hashtags are not created equally and if you were to ask five social media experts about how,when and where (and how abundantly) hashtgs should be used, […]

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How to Set up Hashtracking Hashtag Tracking for Twitter and Instagram

Ready to start tracking Hashtags? Here’s a how to set up tracking on both Twitter and Instagram. Adding a NEW Hashtag to your Dashboard: 1. Open your My Hashtags Page 2. Click on the Add Hashtag Button in the upper right hand corner of the page. This will open up a dialogue for you to […]

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crowdsourcing instagram

Crowdsourcing Instagram: How to Use Multiple Contributors to Grow Your Account

Last week National Geographic shared one of the ways they have grown their wildly successful Instagram account, almost overnight: Multiple contributors. The account recently surpassed a billion likes and continues to grow in popularity.  For sure the excellent photo quality has something to do with that. But one other factor – group contribution, is worth […]

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Hashtracking Hashtag Tracking Terms: Analytics and Reports

Hashtracking uses two terms to describe your data once you are following a hashtag: Analytics and Reports. It’s important to understand the difference between these two. Analytics: With Hashtracking, you follow a hashtag, collecting every tweet or post as it happens. Once you are following a hashtag, and it is collecting data, you are completely free […]

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See Instagram in Color With Hashtracking’s ColorTracking

We’re generally thrilled to have released Instagram tracking for our customers. But part of this exciting new release has us tickled pink, and yellow and chartreuse and cyan too. ColorTracking from Hashtracking gives you a brand new way to explore your Instagram analytics. See the world of Instagram IN COLOR Hashtracking Instagram Tracking with Patent […]

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How Big Brands Leveraged #MardiGras Hashtags on Twitter & Instagram

A Holiday like #MardiGras was made for Instagram and Twitter. The costumes, floats, parades and pageantry are iconic.  Not that we needed an excuse to follow along, but  we love this event, and it was  a perfect tag to put our new Instagram hashtag tracking product thought the paces. We can’t wait to share this […]

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