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How Hashtags Help Posts Get Seen in the New Instagram Feed

The new Instagram feed relies on image popularity, not the traditional chronological timeline.  For many users, this change is throwing off their game entirely. This format is similar to Facebook, and relies on an algorithm that rewards popular content. Before you post in vain again, take the time for a re-think, and to adjust your […]

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@Green_Global_Travel is the grand-prize winner of the #Hashtracking color contest!

Hashtracking Fans Show Their True Colors!

The results of our Colortracking Contest are in and we are overwhelmed with the colorful response! Hundreds of colorful images tagging Hashtracking were shared. We are thrilled to announce our winners and to share some of their beautiful entries, but given that data is our game, we thought we’d share a few interesting stats first. […]

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Show Your Colors on Instagram & Enter to #WIN an Apple Watch

Ready to have some fun with color on Instagram? Now through Labor Day, Hashtracking is running a colorful contest that could win you an Apple Watch, Starbucks Giftcards, or a personalized Hashtag Necklace from Survival of The Hippest. We’ve made it easy to experiment with color as you show your colors on Instagram! Entering is […]

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How Color and Image Expectations Affect Instagram Engagement

If someone told you to close your eyes and picture a photo hashtagged with  #Winter – what color would it be?  Now picture #Summer. Does any type of image, or color in particular stand out? Skin, Sand and Sky – The Colors of Summer on Instagram Between June 16th and July 16th of 2015 over […]

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Why Instagram is Important for Businesses

Is your business on Instagram? For many businesses the obvious answer is yes. But many others still hesitate – afraid of one more platform to learn about and manage. If you offer a product or service, maintain a storefront, or have knowledge, advice or offers to share with your customers, it’s probably worth it. If […]

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Graduation Trendspotting via Hashtag Analysis

All over the world this week, hundreds of thousands of people are receiving certificates, degrees and diplomas. It’s #graduation season and proud new graduates and their families are sharing up a storm. At last check,  Hashtracking logged over 69,000 images shared with the hashtag #Graduation2015 – a number that is sure to continue to grow […]

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crowdsourcing instagram

Crowdsourcing Instagram: How to Use Multiple Contributors to Grow Your Account

Last week National Geographic shared one of the ways they have grown their wildly successful Instagram account, almost overnight: Multiple contributors. The account recently surpassed a billion likes and continues to grow in popularity.  For sure the excellent photo quality has something to do with that. But one other factor – group contribution, is worth […]

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When Instagram Trends Spawn Harmful Hashtags

This week Paris civil authorites announced the end of an instagram era.  For the past few years, thousands of tourists and lovers have been leaving locks on Paris bridges, particularly the Pont de Arts, in a symbol of lasting love. Over 59 thousand instagram images have documented this phenemon, using the hashtag #LoveLocks   – […]

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Boost Social Engagement at Live Events with #HashChat on Twitter

Learn How to Boost Social Engagement at Live Events With #HashChat

When you’re hosting a live event like a conference, workshop, concert, or other gathering, you want to make sure that you are maximizing your engagement. Enhancing the buzz around your event can attract new followers, boost your potential leads, build your community, and generate new interest for the next planned event on your roster! So […]

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