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10 Ways to Use Hashtags To Build Your Brand (and Gain A Competitive Edge)

Hashtags are a powerful tool. At one time, only avid social media users were aware them. Nowadays, they’re everywhere. Despite the widespread popularity of hashtags, few brands and businesses know how to use hashtags skillfully. 1. Study Industry and Organization Hashtags. If you attend conferences or belong to trade organizations, there is almost certainly a corresponding […]

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Why Twitter Still Matter via Hashtracking Blog

Why Twitter is Important for Businesses

As Social Media Marketing dollars are spread thinner, the debate about advertising on Twitter vs other platforms has become a heated one.  Dozens of articles have been circulating about what works now for advertising on Twitter, and there’s sure to be a dozen more in a month’s time. But one thing is sure to remain […]

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The Hashtag Machine: Past, Present, and Future

Congratulations. You’ve just finished a killer social media campaign. Your director of marketing is patting you on the back, his firm black hair brushing gently against his well manicured hands as he breaths of sigh of relief. The CMO will be happy with the performance of his department. There was tons of interaction on social […]

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March Madness and Your Brand or #insertbrandnamehereMadness

Another major sporting event is about to kick off, so no doubt brands are stacking the papers (proverbially) in their latest marketing campaigns surrounding March Madness. If you aren’t a sports fan, then you might just know the term and not the sport. The sport is college basketball and if you are a brand, it […]

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Brands Spend Big for the Oscars Hoping for Prime-Time Engagement

43 million people watched the 86th Annual Academy Awards, but how many of them were engaged with the multitude of brands all shouting at us for attention? That is the question that numerous brand managers and marketing executives are asking right now. Social media guru Gary Vanderchuk posted a timely video this week (gee, wonder […]

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