Infographic: Top Winter Storm Hashtags for the Jonas Blizzard

The Jonas Blizzard on Twitter

The minute the snowflakes start falling, the tweets start fluttering in. We’ve been watching Winter Storm #Jonas hashtags all weekend and thought we’d share this fun infographic of the most popular/ top winter storm hashtags in use between the 4pm PST on January 22nd and 4pm PST on the 24th, 2016.

Top winter storm hashtags, in order of popularity included:

  • #Jonas
  • #Snowzilla
  • #JonasBlizzard
  • #Jonas2016
  • #Snowmageddon
  • #Snowzilla2016
  • #Snowmageddon2016
  • #Snowchallenge

Of course every tweet is unique!

Strictly speaking, #Snowchallenge was not so much about the storm as the snowplay (tweeters photographed and videod themselves frolicing about in the snow in little more than their underwear) but it quickly gained traction in the wake of the storm, providing many entertaining tweets.

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