We’ve Got Your Big Game Hashtags at Hashtracking, Inc.

We've Got Your Big Game Hashtags at Hashtracking, Inc.

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Will you be watching Hashtags while you watch the big game? It’s now easier than ever to follow with Hashtracking’s Super Tag Leaderboard.

Hashtags have become a huge part of the sporting event, both for the teams participating and advertisers airing ads during the big game. Hundreds of thousands of tweets are sure to fly by this Sunday as Tweeters take to the second screen to cheer on their favorite team, call out their favorites and roast their opponents. Advertisers are relying on this phenomena and we cannot wait to see how it pans out for all involved.

In order to make it easier for you to follow along with big event hashtags, Hashtracking is unveiling a new free service, just in time for the big game. We’re thrilled to share the Super Tag Leaderboard with you.


Hashtracking Super Tag Leaderboard pages are a fun, dynamic way to track multiple related hashtags in real time, during popular live events such as a big game, awards ceremony or election. Check in frequently to follow along and get a feel for the conversation, see who’s just tweeted, and discover which hashtags are generating the most buzz.

This Big Game Edition of the Leaderboard will be tracking the hashtags being used in the commercials aired during the Superbowl. Starting with the kickoff, you’ll be able to see which hashtags are creating the biggest buzz in real time.

Expect to see the Leaderboard for future events as well – and let us know what you think! Got an event you think we should follow? Or a Hashtag you would love to see added to a Leaderboard? Shoot us an email!

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