11 Ways Conferences Use Hashtags

11 Ways Conferences Use Hashtags

Have you attended or held a conference lately? Did you use a hashtag? Hashtags help organizers and attendees sift and filter conference related messages on Twitter. They enhance communication, increase buzz and offer unique marketing opportunities. There are a number of specific ways that conference organizers (and attendees) use hashtags. These include:

  • General Marketing – spreading the word about who/what/where/ when and how
  • Specials and Promotions – conference tags are useful when offering discounted tickets and special promotions
  • Speaker and Location Announcements 
  • Local Information – sharing relevant information for out of town attendees
  • Sponsored Content – sharing messages from sponsors
  • Attendee Connections – allowing attendees to find each other and share info and experiences
  • Social Promotion – creating organic buzz and engaging commentary, within the community and beyond
  • Timing & Logistical Information – hashtags are useful for keeping attendees informed about events and happenings during the conference
  • Live Conference Streaming – allowing others to follow along with the conference goings on in real time
  • Conference Testimonials – a unique way to “round up” quotes about the conference
  • Continued Engagement – hashtags keep the conversations going even after the conference has ended.

These days hashtags are an expected component of conference marketing and messaging efforts. If planners don’t create one, odds are the attendees will. So it’s a good idea for conference planners to think about a hashtag when coming up with branding and messaging. It’s wise to incorporate the hashtag into marketing materials and web presence as early and prominently as possible, to get the most benefit from the use.


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