20 Hashtag Gifts You Can Buy Right Now

20 Hashtag Gifts You Can Buy Right Now

Whether you’re a pet owner, about to get married, have a newborn, or feel like decorating your home or yourself, there is a Hashtag product out there for you. Probably plenty of them.

A search of just 2 websites, Zazzle and Etsy, turned up these 20 Hashtag Gifts, which goes along with the list of Hashtag Swag we posted last Holiday time. Happy #Shopping!

If you’re planning a wedding, there are plenty of hashtag products for you to choose from, including:

1. Set of 50 Wedding Hashtag Napkins $36.82 (on sale)wedding napkins

2. Bride & Groom Mugs $22.95

bride & groom mugs

3. Custom Wedding Hashtag Sign $12

wedding hashtag sign


If you’re a paper goods fan like me, check out these:

4. Sheet of 20 Stickers $6.75


5. Gift Wrap Roll $17.95

gift wrap


Pet Owners can choose from items like these:

6. Cat Food Bowl $22.95

cat food dish

7. Dog Shirt $22.95

doggie t-shirt


Chefs in the bunch can fly their flags on any of these:

8. Apron $21.95


9. Flask $24.95


10. Set of 4 Wine Glasses $40

wine glasses

11. Placemats $22.95



Need some home décor? Look no further than:

12. Hashtag Metal Art $19

metal hashtag art

13. Painting $40



Personal adornment – beyond the T-shirt:

14. Hashtag Ring $5


15. Hashtag Stud Earrings $38

hashtag stud earrings

16. Pair of Socks $36


17. Pair of Cufflinks $30.70

pair of cufflinks


Drivers who want a tricked-out car and the key ring to go with it can purchase these items:

18. Car Decal $25

car decal

19. Key Ring $15

key ring


Parents – who doesn’t want their own Hashtag-bedecked child?

20. Baby Onesie $15


Sarah Auerswald is the co-Founder of MomsLA.com.









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