5 Common Twitter Hashtag Mistakes to Avoid

5 Common Hashtag Mistakes to Avoid

Hashtags provide a great way to expand your reach via Twitter and make it easier for your audience to find your tweets and jump right into the conversation. Like most things, however, Twitter hashtag use is not foolproof. Here are five of the most common hashtag mistakes, so you can try to avoid them:

Spamming With Hashtags

When it comes to using hashtags in your tweets, less is actually more. Twitter recommends using no more than two in your tweets, and this is a good rule of thumb to follow. You only have 140 characters to work with in the first place. Don’t waste this space with a bunch of tags, and besides, who wants to look at this: “Enter blank blank contest for free#Target blah blah #free blah blah #OMG #Seriously #blah #blah #blah. Most people will just glance at that and keep right on moving. Some might even decide to block you.

Making Them Ugly (Too Long)

An overly long hashtag isn’t attractive. It’s an eyesore and takes too much effort to bother reading. Many people will become annoyed trying to read one, and some will just go ahead and skip right over it. Instead of #topfivebestplacestotakeyourfamilyforvacationduringthesummer, create a short and sweet hashtag like #topvacations.

Jumping on the Bandwagon

So there’s a hashtag getting tons of attention right now and you think using it will draw more attention to your tweets? It probably will, but if you use an irrelevant hashtag just to get some attention, you are spamming. You will only annoy those who read your tweet, get on your followers’ nerves, and possibly lose some of them in the process. It’s really not worth it!

Making Your Hashtag Difficult to Understand

People will be less interested in and responsive to a hashtag that is hard to understand. Make your tags easy to understand and relevant so that users have some inkling about the related conversation right from the beginning. Consider the following hashtags and what they bring to mind:

#PhillyFridays–things to do in Philadelphia on Friday
#PhillyMusic–something to do with the Philadelphia music scene
#PhillyFun–fun things to do in Philly
#OMG–things that make people exclaim OMG
#BXKChat–chat about BXK
#TargetSales–sales at Target

Failure to Promote

A good hashtag is a valuable asset. Why waste it by not promoting it well. Put it above the fold on your website, in your email signature, in your newsletter, in your email ads, and in promotional materials like brochures and flyers. Planning an event? Place it on signs and in ads, include it in handouts, and use it in blogs, articles, and non-Twitter posts you use to publicize the event. Don’t forget displaying it in your physical location, such as next to your cash register and on the door to your business. Include it on your business card too!

Have you seen any serious hashtag missteps lately? We want to know! Share with us below.

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