Giddy Up! Energetic Hashtags that Fire up Exhausted Feeds

5 Ways Brands Can Harness Hashtags Today

Ever wish you could grab your Twitter feed and get it to giddy up? You might want to try harnessing a judicious hashtag or two.

Using a well thought out hashtag can help you cut through the clutter, tone down the noise and re-capture the attention of the customers you’ve been trying to reach. Here are five ideas for your brand to try today.

  • Use a hashtag to offer a discount. For example: Tweet #YOURBRAND10 for 10% off a subscription or service  today. Tip: Keep it simple
  • Use a hashtag to curate conversation or lead a chat around your product or service. For example: What are your favorite stats about hashtags? Tell us or join us as we chat Tuesday nights at 6pst #HASHTRACKING. Tip Use your brand’s name or key features
  • Use a custom hashtag to brand a specific campaign or effort and track response. For example: Hashtracking offers searchable transcripts and filters for all users #FRYTHESPAM Tip: Be clever or engaging
  • Use  hashtag searches to find people to follow, topics to learn more about, industry news to know and more. Tip: search your competition, search for industry specific terms, products, places and use cases.
  • Practice perfect pairings by putting your custom hashtag together with a related, more popular tag that already has traction. Tip: It’s critical to be relevant. There’s probably no reason to put together #HASHTRACKING and #BIEBER at this time but it does pair well with #METRICS and #ROI. Pick pairs carefully for maximum impact.

Do you have more ideas about how to quickly and easily harness hashtags on Twitter? Let us know!


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