Your Competitors Wish You Would Stop Tracking Hashtags

7 Reasons Why Your Competitors Wish You Wouldn't Track Hashtags

Your competitors wishes you wouldn’t take their hashtags, or yours too seriously.  Why would they want you to catch on?

Hashtags contain a goldmine of information on Twitter and now, more than ever, on Instagram. But you have to track hashtags to unlock the Hashtag Secrets. 

So go ahead, nod, and be sure to smile politely when they spend thousands of dollars on broad listening systems that bury them in so much irrelevant data they need an IT guy and a snow plow to dig their way out. Meanwhile, put up your feet and pour yourself a refreshing beverage to enjoy as you set up your reports to automatically track and follow the tags that matter to you.  Impress your colleagues and clients with streaming hashtag walls and simple, colorful infographics that yield actionable insights in real time.  You don’thave  to work harder or spend a fortune to uncover trends. 

Hashtags are already working hard to deliver just the sort of info you need to meet your social media marketing and business goals for 2016. You just have to sit back, collect the data and know what to do with it. Here are 7 powerful ways to start using hashtag data today: 

Build Powerful Lists:

Whether you’re looking for contacts in a specific industry, trying to jumpstart an online discussion or seeking advice from a knowledgeable group of experts, you will find yourself in good company quickly, when you track niche tags. Pull the contributor lists to see who’s used the hashtag and start following and making your own lists of the people that matter.

Target Your Influencer Outreach:

Contributor lists not only show you who is talking about a specific topic – but who is popular, who is quoted, who shares the best media, and who’s sharing the superstar’s stuff.  While other’s are complaining that Influencer outreach can be like looking for a needle in a haystack, you are enjoying your laserlike focus  and ability to find the rockstars in three or four clicks.

Turbo Boost Community Growth:

Got a Hashtag for your own group? With the ability to share chat transcripts, and analyze group participation, your community efforts will be rewarded. You’ll also have the ability to run contests and monitor peak use hours so that you can schedule your messages to reach the most people.

Toot Your Own Hashtag Horn:

Not to brag but… You might want to capture the impact you’ve had on a campaign or topic.  Run a report to see how you stack up against other top tweeters and instagrammers and use that info to perfect your own platform and forge profitable partnerships. There’s plenty of data and pretty infographics to use in your pitch deck and put on your page.

Play The Trend Guru Card:

In social media, half the game is getting there first. There’s a lot of noise but when you track hashtags you can quickly hone on buzzwords and check out “other hashtags” on the rise – telling clues about the next big thing, before it’s a big thing.

Monitor the Competition:

Want to know what people are saying about the competition and who is saying it? Track their tags and learn from their mistakes. You might know more about them, than they do.

Show Off An Impressive Portfolio:

Personal/client hashtags make it easy for you to create a portfolio of all your hashtagged social activity (with stats!). And you don’t have to lug it around.  Set your dates and pull your posts and  stats out of thin air, anywhere, anytime, and in real time.

We’re just getting started here.  There are hundreds of ways that clever marketers and listeners are leveraging hashtag data. Shouldn’t you be one of them?


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