An Unofficial Hashtag Glossary

An Unofficial Hashtag Glossary


In the world of hashtags hashtags are a dime a dozen. Shiny new hashtags are coined quicker than you can press the # sign. Because hashtags have so many diverse uses – from classification to emphasis of a point – there have sprung up terms to describe the different types of hashtags out there. We’re aware of several of the terms in already in use.

Hashtag Glossary:


Currently the term Cashtag is being used to describe two types of hashtags. One type, is really a hashtag offspring that doesn’t use the # symbol, but $ symbol instead. Cashtags are being used by the financial industry to track stock prices. also tracks Cashtags, if this is something you’d like to follow.

The second type of Cashtag is a hashtag used for a sale or financial transaction. It was first launched by Amex. Use of a specific hashtag (called a cashtag because of its purpose) sets a chain of events in motion, allowing you to place an order or pay a bill, just by tweeting.


Bashtags are hashtags used for public complaining, as explored in Curtis Silver’s recent article.


Hashjacking is the practice of taking over a hashtag and appropriating it for another, often very different use. It is often viewed as a hostile act.


Mashtags are used to describe hashtags that combine two or more brands or individuals. This term has also been co-opted by the culinary world, with both a craft beer and a potato based snack coming out in the last year called #Mashtag


Flashtags are used to describe hashtags that drive flash sales events on Twitter and/or hashtags used to create a flashmob. The term is also associated with an international writing competition.

Why stop there? We love slinging hash-tags! We’d like to propose some more terms for your hashtag enjoyment.

Proposed Additions to The Unofficial Hashtag Glossary:


These are hashtags that crash and burn. Maybe they are too long. Maybe they don’t make sense. They crash.


Annoying viral hashtags that just won’t go away. They get under your skin and keep coming back. Any efforts to eradicate them end in a complete #Fail.


This hashtag shows up, does a cannonball on Twitter and trends mightily, only to disappear forever once the ripples dissapate.


This hashtag is in a race to be the first and/or official hashtag for something. It’s probably up against a bunch of other Dashtags, all vying to be the ONE. Depending on the potency of the originator, it may have a chance, but it will have to swim fast and hard.


This is a hashtag that makes you gasp because it guts. It’s designed to shock, horrify and expose something or someone. It’s much more in your face than a bashtag.


Clashtags usually travel in pairs to expose a rivalry. They exist in the sports world during sporting events and in politics. Occasional brands march them out too.

Have we left anything out? Tweet us @Hashtracking and let us know!

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