Crowdsourcing Instagram: How to Use Multiple Contributors to Grow Your Account

Crowdsourcing Instagram: How to Use Multiple Contributors to Grow Your Account

crowdsourcing instagram

Last week National Geographic shared one of the ways they have grown their wildly successful Instagram account, almost overnight: Multiple contributors. The account recently surpassed a billion likes and continues to grow in popularity.  For sure the excellent photo quality has something to do with that. But one other factor – group contribution, is worth looking at.

According to this post from – Nat Geo has over 110 regular contributors.

This is a departure from the standard model of Instagram account management, whereby a single individual or in house team of social media experts are curating.

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National Geographic photographers have guidelines, but on the whole are able to manage their own posts to the account with a great deal of autonomy. This has worked out spectacularly for the brand – it has become a showcase of some of the best photography and storytelling on the instagram platform.

Even if you cannot afford to hand out the keys to your social kingdom (according to the above post, all 110 National Geographic Photographers  are able to log into the account) there are ways that you can grow your instagram account and general social following through the use of a hashtag.

By promoting hashtag use, you are able to quickly involve your audience in your subject matter and reward them for this activity.

Consider the following ideas for creating collaboration on Instagram:

  • Award a monthly prize for a random or selected photo using your brands hashtag
  • Create a curated gallery of images posted with your brand’s hashtag
  • Regularly repost photos tagged with your hashtag
  • Enlist a select few trustworthy and talented photographers who have used the hashtag, to post regularly to your account. Give them the keys.

We can all benefit from fresh blood and new ideas. Bringing in outside contributors to your feed can broaden your influence, sometimes rapidly and exponentially. When you consider a content strategy for your Instagram presence it might help to think outside the small square box.

It worked for National Geographic.

Click through to view some of the most liked Nat Geo photos from their Instagram feed. 

What are your favorite ways to use multiple contributors to grow your Instagram account?

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