Graduation Trendspotting via Hashtag Analysis

Graduation Trendspotting via Hashtag Analysis

Graduation Trendspotting via Hashtag

All over the world this week, hundreds of thousands of people are receiving certificates, degrees and diplomas. It’s #graduation season and proud new graduates and their families are sharing up a storm. At last check,  Hashtracking logged over 69,000 images shared with the hashtag #Graduation2015 – a number that is sure to continue to grow in the next week or so.

So what are all these new graduates sharing?  Here’s some of the fun global  trends we’ve spotted, this week on Instagram:

#GraduationCap – 35k posts


Gone are the days when graduation was a somber, same suit affair. Students worldwide are still donning caps and gowns but thousands are now DIY decorating their caps, a trend that is sure to spawn a cottage industry in 3…2…1… “Graduation Cap Decorating Kit” anyone? Browse through this hashtag and you are sure to be inspired by the creativity of this year’s crop of graduates.

#GraduationGift  110k posts and #GraduationPresent 45k posts


What are graduates getting gifted this year? According to photos shared on Instagram, cash, cars and tech are all still winning and wanted gifts. But scroll a little longer to see some of the more offbeat gifts that are making their way into the mainstream.

#GraduationTrip 28k posts


From Athens to Arkansas – taking a trip after graduation is still popular. This tradition seems to be particularly practiced by students worldwide, not just limited to any one continent, or ethnic group.  Europe remains a popular destination for post grad travel, regardless of country of origin.

#GraduationParty 224k posts and GradNight 132k posts


When it comes to Grad parties, Pinterest seems to have changed everything. You won’t get very far in the #GraduationParty hashtag feed without spotting pin-worthy ideas for party decor and treats. This is a great place to find craft and entertaining inspiration, and to see what’s popular amongst partiers right now.

#GraduationSelfie 17k posts


You knew this had to be a thing, right? Like all great and happy life events, it seems as if it isn’t real till you’ve taken and shared the selfie to prove it. This is a modern tradition that only seems to be growing in strength and acceptance.

#Graduation 8 Million + Posts


There’s been over 8 million graduation posts shared on Instagram to date. It’s proof positive that we take our milestones seriously. Graduation trendspotting via hashtag is a great (and fun) way to get a glimpse at the future, and a sneak peek at worldwide trends.

This post would not be complete without a shout out to our own graduate, who along with her friends graduating from The Orange County School of the Arts, inspired this post with her #graduationselfies and #graduationcap pics

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