Hashtag Influencer: Charlene DeLoach

Hashtag Influencer: Charlene DeLoach

Charlene DeLoach is a former attorney who worked for the White House and the Massachusetts Legislature as an attorney. Now Charlene writes blog posts instead of laws on a variety of sites. She writes about luxury travel, fashion, and beauty at CleverLuxe.com; about toys, fitness, and family products at CharleneChronicles.com; and activities and baby gear at MetrowestMamas.com. In her downtime, she loves decorating and visiting consignment shops. Charlene lives outside of Boston with her husband, preschooler son, toddler daughter, and two teeny, tiny dogs.

Charlene is also one of the bloggers behind this week’s Blogger Bash in NYC where you’ll find our co-founder Ciaran Blumenfeld speaking on marketing and social media.

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Q: What hashtags do you follow?

Right now? #bbnyc and #sweetsuite14 of course! I’ve also been following #familytravel #travel because I’m hoping to do more in that space.

Q: What are your favorite hashtags to use?

#followfriday #boston

Q: What platforms do you use or track hashtags on?


Q: What insights do you gain from using hashtags and how do you execute on that insight?

People to follow, conferences to go to, brands to connect with, current events to blog about. What I love most about them though, is the sense of community that you can get, despite being in a sea of Twitter people.

Q: Do you have a personal hashtag for your brand, business, or chat? If so, what is it and what can you tell us about it?

When I moved my Twitter handle from my blog name to my real name, I started using more branded hashtags in my tweets with my blogs #cleverluxe and #Metrowestmamas since they are niche. So two out of my three blogs can have its’ own following without having to have three separate twitter accounts. Not sure if it has worked in the branding/community sense, but it makes my life easier for sure!

Q: Is there a hashtag you’ve used that made a difference for you, your client, or the world?

Not the difference in the world, sadly, but with the world, I suppose. When I started connecting with #elitecircles on Google+, and the initiator behind it, I started getting a lot of new Google+ follows and it made a difference in my numbers and upped the fun on Google+. It was a sad, lonely place there beforehand. If any blogger was there, it was only to dump a link. Now I get to see cool things from around the world with users that are interacting in that space. It’s a lot more fun.

Q: Is there a hashtag you wish you’d tracked.

It’s less about tracking and more about following the tracking. I track some great blogger networks, but I need to make more time to really participate in that hashtag itself.

Q: Do you have a hashtag habit? Any tags you tend to use/abuse too much?

#onesthathaveabsolutelynovalue #puttingphrasesintohashtags #whydowedothat #funwaytocommunicateIguess #hahahaha

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