Hashtag Influencer: Double Duty Divas

Hashtag Influencer: Double Duty Divas

The Double Duty Divas are bloggers and working moms who run iRetreat conference (formerly Reviewer’s Retreat) as well as a blogger network. To say they’re busy is an understatement!

Bridgette Duplantis and Cecelia Mecca met while attending BlogHer 2009 realizing quickly they had more in common than running successful review blogs. Bridgette and Cecelia maintained their sites while working full time outside the home– Bridgette as a Lab Technician and Cecelia as an Curriculum Specialist– as well as each caring for their two small children. Needless to say, two women plus two blogs plus two careers plus four children equals not enough time in the day!

Without blinking an eye, Bridgette and Cecelia began brainstorming on ways to help each other succeed when they decided to craft a network which encourages collaboration rather than competition. The Double Duty Divas were born and quickly formed a niche of the most influential mom review bloggers on the internet.

Bridgette and Cecelia have managed several successful influencer outreach campaigns for companies while members of the network continue to promote each other in the spirit of “power in numbers.” They spoke at BlogWorld Expo, the world’s largest social media conference, about “Harnessing the Power of Numbers” and creating a blog network. Welcoming Renee from What Mommies Need, Angie from AngieKnutson.com and Jena from Underwear in Our Kitchen to the Diva team and conference committee, Bridgette and Cecelia are excited to host the 5th annual iRetreat conference in June, 2015.

dddivasQ: What hashtags do you follow? What are your favorite hashtags to use?

In addition to #DDDivas, we also use #SocialMedia and #ContentMarketing in addition to #Influencer often.

Q: What platforms do you use or track hashtags on?

We use hashtags on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest most often.

Q: What insights do you gain from using hashtags and how do you execute on that insight?

Bufferapp helps with insights on which tweets are popular, which are re-tweeted the most, and what time of day is best to tweet. Tailoring tweets to the right day of the week in addition to content can help tweak social media outreach.

Q: Do you have a personal hashtag for your brand, business, or chat? If so, what is it and what can you tell us about it?

We regularly use and follow is a hashtag specific to our network for the purposes of cross-promoting member posts and social amplification.

Q: Is there a hashtag you wish you’d tracked?

We learned after a few years that tracking our own conference should have started before the actual event began. We now track a year in advance, #iRetreat2015 for instance, is already set to track for June 2015.

Q: Do you have a hashtag habit? Any tags you tend to use/abuse too much?

Not as a business, but personally my Twitter followers are surely sick of seeing #GameofThrones.

You can follow them at @DoubleDutyDivas and their personal accounts, @CeceliaMecca and @BridgetteLA

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