Can Twitter Hashtags Predict Oscars Winners?

Can Twitter Hashtags Predict Oscars Winners?

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 9.15.13 AMThis weekend the world will be watching the Academy Awards. There are many predictions about who will win a coveted Oscar this weekend.

Could Twitter hashtags predict Oscars winners? Will the Academy’s choices reflect popular sentiment? There’s only one way to see. Check out which Oscars hashtags are trending on Twitter, with live stats and data.

Hashtracking is currently tracking dozens of Oscar related hashtags, including:

  • Hashtags related to film and actor nominees
  • Hashtags related to personalities and presenters
  • Hashtags related to media coverage of the event
  • Hashtags related to the awards and the venue
  • Hashtags being used peripherally by brands, sponsors and partygoers.

Hashtag use around the Oscars has grown over the past several years. Hashtags provide an additional way for film enthusiasts to follow along with the event in real time, conversing with like minded individuals and sharing opinions, media and more. Celebrities have joined in on the action and brands are paying attention, trying to cash in on a second screen opportunity.

Evite and Vanity Fair have both mounted significant hashtag efforts around this year’s Oscars festivities and Sprint is hosting a hashtag viewing party  on Twitter during the event.

Dozens of other brands and businesses are following suit. Gifting suites, after parties, fashion brands and more are participating in a hashtag extravaganza that is second only to a large sporting event.

To stay on top of  and  view Oscars hashtags in real time, visit the Hashtracking Red Carpet Leaderboard.


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