10 Hashtags Your Business Had Better Be Following

10 Hashtags Your Business Cannot Ignore

Do you have a nagging feeling that there’s a hashtag out there that you should be tracking, but you are not sure what it is or why?

With all the many, many types of hashtags on Twitter and Instagram, it can be confusing to choose what to follow, and why. While “trending” or hot hashtags get a lot of mention in the press, these may not be the ones that your business most needs to follow. There are others that are far more materially important to you.

The top ten hashtags your business cannot afford to ignore  include:

  1. Competitor Hashtags  We’ve already written about how important Competitor hashtags are and why you cannot afford to ignore them.
  2. Industry Chat Hashtags This is where you get to play fly on the wall and stay abreast of all the latest and often not yet breaking news in your industry, as well as compile lists of influencers
  3. Expert/Influencer Hashtags Experts in your field may have their own hashtags that they use when they share their expertise. If they are someone you respect and you want to follow the conversation, and see what they are doing – follow that hashtag!
  4. Related Hashtags Look at the hashtags you already follow. Are there any hashtags that pop up in multiple reports under the “Other Hashtags” category? Did you just search a hashtag on Instagram and get a list of “related hashtags?” Ding ding ding! You might want to check out those other hashtags!
  5. Conference/Event Hashtags Even if you cannot be there, you can learn a lot from the latest industry event, conference or tradeshow. Follow that hashtag.
  6. News Hashtags Is your product, service, materials, distribution, sales force, etc in the news? Are there any strikes, labor disputes or legislation that could affect your biz? Follow any related hashtags to make more well informed decisions.
  7. Trend Hashtags What’s going on in your industry? Is everyone going green? Using a new color, material, process or protocol? Industry trends often yield their own hashtags. These hashtags can tell you a lot about what’s hot or not, and what’s worth adopting longer term.
  8. Trade Organization hashtags are worth following in order to stay connected with your industry and other enthusiasts in your field
  9. Product/Industry Type Hashtags Pay attention to hashtags from closely related industries and trade organizations. They can tell you a lot about your industry too.
  10. Campaign or Project Hashtags are great to follow to stay in touch with what others are up to. Follow along in real time, and play fly on the wall.

Are there any other types of Hashtags that you like to follow for your business?


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