Hashtracking Explorer Reports vs Hashtracking Subscription Trackers

Hashtracking Explorer Reports Vs Hashtracking Subscription Trackers

Hashtracking offers two ways to track hashtag data on both Instagram and Twitter: Explorer reports and Subscription Trackers.

Depending on your hashtag tracking needs, we can recommend which type of tracking you should purchase. Here’s a series of questions to help you decide which product you need.

Subscription or Non Subscription? 

Hashtracking Explorer Reports are a ‘One shot” Report purchase, and there is no need to subscribe to order one of these reports. There is a flat $20 fee.

Recent History or Ongoing Tracking/Tracking for specific dates?

Hashtracking subscription Trackers gather data for as long as you have them set to active, with your active subscription. You control how long you track hashtags for, and you have the ability to look at any date range within the window of time you are tracking. Although Hashtracking subscription trackers track forward, you can purchase Hashtag data from the past 30 days on Twitter, and even longer on Instagram, to add into your Tracker panel.

Hashtracking Explorers look only at recent history – the most recent 1500 Tweets, or 500 Posts, within the past 30 days. This means you may only see posts from the past 24 hours on a very active tag, or you may see only a few posts from the past 30 days on an inactive tag. The Hashtracking Explorer will give you an estimate of the number of posts and date range of your report before you are prompted to purchase.

A little volume or a lot?

Are you looking to capture the result of a small to medium sized Twitter chat (up to 1500 Tweets) or do you want to analyze how a moderately active (up to 500 posts) hashtag is performing on Instagram? Then you will be quite happy with the Explorer Reports.

If your tracking needs exceed this volume, regardless or whether you require historical or ongoing tracking, you are better off pursuing a report via a subscription tracker.

Deep Dive Data or Executive Summary?

Are you hoping to export data, sort and filter and number crunch? Then you will be happier with a Subscription Tracker Plan. Not only can you look at specific dates and times, but subscription trackers allow you to sort contributors by followers and contribution, filter the transcript to include or exclude specific terms or users, and provide more detailed top lists in more categories.

If you need a report to share and you need it now – no numbers crunching or exports required,  then the Explorer report is the way to go. All of the most relevant and actionable information is ready for you to share, in a beautiful PDF report.

The Best of Both Worlds?

Pro Level Hashtracking Subscribers enjoy the best of both worlds. They are able to track long term AND run as many PDF Explorer reports on the fly, as needed.

See a Sample Hashtracking Tracker Report Here

See a Sample Hashtracking PDF Explorer Report Here


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