Hashtracking PDF Hashtag Summary Reports Are Here!

Hashtracking PDF Hashtag Summary Reports Are Here!

Are you ready to save time with your reporting? Hashtracking Hashtag Tracker PDF Executive Summary Reports are here!


There are now 3 ways to share your Hashtracking Hashtag Tracker Reports

  1. Share using a public or private URL (All Users)
  2. Share using a spreadsheet via .CSV data export (Pro Feature)
  3. Share using your PDF Executive Summary Report  – now included with all report exports! (Pro Feature)

Picture this: It’s 5PM on a Friday and your client needs a report on what happened at their event today, RIGHT NOW.

You’ve shared the Hashtracking report URL with your own team, and the results look good. But do you really want your client to wade through a hundred pages (or more!) of contributors and posts? You don’t want to drown them with data.

What you really need right now is a simple, attractive Hashtracking PDF Executive Summary Report that you can attach to an email. 

Wish granted. All Hashtracking Report Exports (Included with Pro Subscriptions) now include both full .CSV versions and PDF Executive Summary Reports.

Hashtracking PDF Executive Summary Reports are perfect for sharing results with clients, colleagues and team members who need a birds eye view, without a thousand pages of data, and spreadsheets for miles.

Hashtracking PDF Executive Summary Reports include top line impression and engagement data, as well as select top lists.  

You’ll find your PDF Executive Summary Report bundled in the zip files with your download.

Your workload just got a lot lighter. You might even get a weekend.

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