#JeSuisCharlie by the Numbers – Hashtracking Analytics

#JeSuisCharlie by the Numbers - Hashtracking Analytics

Hashtags are a great unifier and can define our platform for change. The terror attacks in France that began with the shooting at Charlie Hebdo headquarters have not only united France, but brought the world together in search of answers to the threat of terrorism. It brought together supporters from the average man and world leaders to march in unity.  And the hashtag #JeSuisCharlie has quickly become one of the most popular hashtags of all time on Twitter.

Just what does that look like by the numbers?


During the 4 days from the time of the attack to the end of the march in Paris, tweets were coming in at a rate of over 4500 per minute. Related tweets are a combination of updates, images and videos and the relevant RTs. That’s one twitter stream that would be impossible to follow at the peak of activity. And the conversation continues with over 700,000 tweets from 1/11 until today 1/14.

No surprise that mobile content dominate with 3/4 of the tweets coming from mobile devices. Other hashtags of importance in association with #JeSuisCharlie:

  • #charliehebdo   
  • #paris 
  • #marcherepublicaine 
  • #noussommescharlie 
  • #jesuisahmed       
  • #afp               
  • #parisshooting     
  • #france          
  • #chaliehebdo       
  • #iamcharlie  

The heat map shows that the highest saturation came during the hours after the attacks – on Wednesday the 7th – with another peak early Sunday morning after the march.


And the story about the popularity of the hashtag on Twitter remained less about Twitter and more about how the world came together, joined by social media to rally around this historic event.




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