Join Us for #Hashchat to Discuss Tracking Hashtags from the Past

Join Us for #Hashchat to Discuss Tracking Hashtags from the Past


What happens when you forget to set up a hashtag report? Is the data lost forever? 

Fortunately, no! With Hashtracking’s  Historic Hashtag Data Tracking, you can search back up to 30 days, collecting as many missed tweets as you choose. We’re so excited about this new service that we decided to host a Twitter chat, just to introduce you to why we think it’s so terrific, and answer your questions about how it can help you.

This Wednesday 4/30, please join the Hashtracking Team, live on Twitter for a moderated #Hashchat. We’ll be talking about ways to research and choose the right hashtags, and how a little bit of Historic hashtag analysis can give your campaigns, chats, and events an edge.  We’ll be answering questions like:

  • How to choose the right tag, and avoid the wrong ones.
  • How to quickly learn from your competitor’s mistakes, and benefit from their successes!
  • How to get the data you literally needed yesterday
  • How Hashtracking’s Historic Hashtag  Data Tracking  works

What other questions do you have?  Get them ready.

Members from our team, along with some of our favorite social media experts, will be available to answer any questions you have about Hashtags, Hashtag tracking and using Hashtracking to collect Historic Hashtag data.  

We look forward to tweeting you!

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