#SelfEmployed: Hashtags for Self-Promotion

#SelfEmployed: Hashtags for Self-Promotion

Have you used a Hashtag as a calling card?

If you haven’t, you’re missing out. Self-promotion is the name of the game when you’re a freelancer or self-employed, and these days Hashtags work brilliantly for self promotion.

Self-employed HashtracksWant to let people know you’re a graphic designer? There’s a hashtag for that. (#graphicdesigner) Oh you write copy? Ditto. (#copywriter) Oh wait, you have a party planning service? Yup, there’s a hashtag for that, too. (#PartyPlanner)

And if you happen to be a Social Media Marketing Strategist? You can just imagine the Hashtags.

Check out anybody’s Twitter or Instagram profile page and you’re sure to see Hashtags of self-promotion. It was probably inevitable, given the public nature of social media, that Hashtags would have become personal, worn like name badges, in declaration of personal interests and strengths.

But it’s also a great way to search for leads and do market testing. The Self-Employed.com has a great article about using Hashtags this way and gives the example of a bed company searching the Hashtag #sleeplessnights to find potential customers, and I think we can all see the implications there for our own slice of the pie.

Joining industry chats is a tried and true way for the self-employed to market themselves and build relationships. #custserv #B2Bchat #PRchat #Printchat and #Brandchat are but a few of the Industry-specific chats that are held regularly, and any of them that fit what you do would be smart to join.

Here’s a list from Rite Tag of the top 10 Hashtags used by Self-employed people. Pick one and go for it.

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Tell us your Hashtags in the comments.


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