Super Bowl Ad Hashtag Winners

Super Bowl Ad Hashtag Winners

Heading into the Superbowl we noticed a number of advertising hashtag trends. The hashtag campaigns were split into three distinct camps:

  • The Crowdsourced Hashtags – These tags brought the viewer into the story, asking them to #steerthescript or determine the outcome of the ad and take action to name the main character (a baby horse) that ran away with our hearts.
  • The Brand Name Hashtags: These tags relied on brand name alone, generating conversation about the brand related to the content being aired – #Abarth, #CalvinKlein, amongst others
  • The Celebrity Turbo Boosted Hashtags – These hashtags relied on star power to give them a boost, most notably #TheNextBigThing starring Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen, which poked fun at advertising, crowdsourcing and celebrity in general in the process.

We tracked 11 popular hashtags that were released prior to the game. Here are the results in order of popularity:

  1. #PepsiHalftime
  2. #Clydesdales
  3. #HereWeGo
  4. #InfiniteAnswers
  5. #GetHappy
  6. #Handleit
  7. #TheNextBigThing
  8. #BraveryWins
  9. #WishGranted
  10. #PickYourTeam
  11. #SteerTheScript
  12. #abarth

Beyonce’s halftime performance followed by the power outage, gave the hashtag #PepsiHalftime star turbopower plus event power – the timing surely had an effect on the volume of tweets with many fans joking that it was her performance that blew out the power in the stadium.

Coming in at the bottom of the pack, Fiat’s #Abarth tag fell flat. While the sexy ad may have been a success, the hashtag was entirely unfueled. The campaign used a hashtag but was unclear about how fans should interact with it. Lacking a clear call to action or recognizable (to most Americans) celebrity might be the cause of this advertising hashtag’s failure to launch.

The #SteertheScript hashtag also performed (relatively) poorly during the Super Bowl, possibly because there wasn’t much for fans and followers to tweet about at this time. The ad was crowdsourced prior to the Super Bowl, leaving no real call to action to live tweet during the event.

Bud Light’s #HereWeGo and Best Buy’s #InfiniteAnswers tags both did well during the Super Bowl, as least in part because of their generic “meme-ness”. Both of these tags invite storytelling at they can personalize.  Both of these tags invite storytelling and engagement in that fashion. #InfiniteAnswers seems to have also enjoyed a boost via an online contest that was also promoting the hashtag in a tweet-to-enter fashion.

The Hashtag Winner: #Clydesdales

Although PepsiHalftime generated more tweets, we think that #Clydesdales was the real Hashtag winner, driving real engagement and conversation that could only be attributed to the ad itself and the way it connected with viewers on both television and Twitter.

The success of Budweiser’s #Clydesdales ad has been attributed to great storytelling, but the success of the hashtag also tells the story of real-time crowd engagement. All of the elements are present – story, the ability to engage and personalize and a real time call to action made this ad a winner on Twitter as well as on TV.



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