Why You Should Track Competitor Hashtags with Hashtracking

Why You Should Track Competitor Hashtags with Hashtracking

At Hashtracking, the majority of our users come to us seeking to use our service as a measurement tool for their own campaigns. We’re great at that. But that’s not all we can do for your hashtag campaign efforts. Knowledge is power and knowledge of the competition is just the edge you might need to make your next campaign even more successful than the last one. If you’re not already tracking your competitor’s hashtags, you should be! Here’s five great reasons why you should start to track competitor hashtags with Hashtracking today!


How well is your hashtag performing? No matter how many impressions your tag generated, it’s all relative. Following your competition’s hashtags gives your reports more meaning and serves as a benchmark. It can also help you set realistic goals for your own campaign efforts. Comparison is not always the best way to evaluate the success of a hashtag, but without any frame of reference, it can be impossible to define success.

List Building

Who are the experts and influencers who tweet about your competition? Whose voice stands out? Who is popular? Paying attention to your competitors tags help you identify potential influencers and experts in your field/community. It makes sense to follow and reach out to those who are already active online. They might be interested in what you have to say as well. Regardless, it’s a good idea to pay attention to what these folks are tweeting about. Track competitor hashtags and watch your own lists grow.

Clues and Route Maps

What are some of the other hashtags that people who tweet about your competitor like to use? Yours? Those of any particular club, group or locale?What time of day/night and what day of the week do they tweet the most? Are they more likely to tweet from a mobile or desktop application? Track competitor hashtags and you’ll learn a lot about their (and your)community. Use this knowledge to best serve your own hashtag campaign efforts.

Advance Notice

You’ve heard the term “fly on the wall?”. Reviewing your competition’s hashtag stream just might provide you with the opportunity to find out inside information or company news before it is formally made public. Twitter is notorious for breaking news. “You heard it here first” is a phrase that gets used in a lot of tweets. If you were following your competition, and tracking their hashtag, you’d hear it first too.

They are Probably Already Tracking YOU

If your competition knows what they are doing, their social media director is probably already tracking your hashtag.

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