When #Irish Guys Are Tweeting – Hashtracking Reveals Shocking St Patrick’s Day Data

When #Irish Guys Are Tweeting - Hashtracking Reveals Shocking St Patrick's Day Data

Hashtracking #Irish Hashtag on St Patricks Day When we started Hashtracking the hashtag #Irish on Twitter, on St Patricks Day, we expected to hear a lot of jokes about leprechauns and see savory links to corned beef and cabbage dishes.  We weren’t braced for what came next.

Forget about four leaf clovers, pots of gold and rainbows.  We’re talking porn.

But first some other interesting stats. Our Hashtracking data sample looked at #Irish tweets occurring between 1pm and midnight on the 17th.  The Buzz Words were not at all surprising. Hashtracking #Irish Hashtag on St Patricks Day

Top Other Hashtags Used with #Irish on St Patrick’s Day:

Hashtracking #Irish Hashtag on St Patricks Day St Patricks day is commonly referred to as the day where “everyone is Irish” but just in case there was any doubt  90% of tweeters who were tweeting #Irish, tacked on an extra tag or two. The forefunners were #StPatricksDay #Green and #HappyStPatricksDay but we think it is worth noting that at least 226 of the #Irish tweets we sampled were cobranded with #GreenBeer.

Where #Irish Tweets Came From on St Patricks Day:Hashtracking #Irish Hashtag on St Patricks Day

Among the tweets we sampled the top source of #Irish tweets on Twitter, was actually Instagram, followed by iPhone. Clearly it was a mobile game as revelers hit the town in search of pots of gold and #greenbeer. The vast majority of #Irish tweets came from cell phones and tablets.

What #Irish content was shared on St Patrick’s Day?

Hashtracking #Irish Hashtag on St Patricks Day Here’s where it starts getting interesting. The Top shared Links. A veritable rainbow of content. Because St Patrick’s day is all about the Biebs, boobs, old show nostalgia, dinner and a green dessert?

  1.  Justin Bieber’s Luck of the Irish 
  2.  ” The Official Site of Busty Milf Adult Superstar Vicky Vette”
  3.  A screenshot that appears to have come from a 2003 episode of the show Charmed, featuring Leprechauns
  4.  St Patrick’s Day Desserts.
  5. St Patrick’s Day Dinners


How did #Irish Tweeters Engage?

Hashtracking #Irish Hashtag on St Patricks Day Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 4.16.36 PM The conversation around #Irish was not particularly conversational. The participation chart shows that thousands of tweeters tweeted on this topic, but nobody really dominated the conversation. The top 20 most prolific and followed tweeters only accounted for a small percentage (close to 5% of the overall tweets). Also interesting – the number of original & rt tweets vs @ message tweets. Only about 3% of the tweets were @messages which indicates that tweeters were broadcasting content and resharing content, but not interacting with the content (other than to re-tweet) or each other barely at all. This is often the case with a trend topic – both trending tags and news/events/holidays come and go – capturing the public’s fancy.

What Kinds of Images Were Shared with #Irish?

Hashtracking #Irish Hashtag Porn on St Patricks Day When any term trends, it’s not uncommon to see a few porn images pop up. But the plethora of porn shared, and re-shared on St Patricks  feels far more intentional than a random porn spam bot attack. These images were created with the holiday in mind and as cheerfully received and re-shared as the images of corned beef and cabbage. We can’t show you the photos, but you can see  the number of green clovers in the top media lists.

Luck of the #Irish? What can brands learn?

There are a few lessons to be learned from the apparent porn takeover of the #Irish tag.  Whether you consider it luck or bad taste, there’s a fair chance you would not want your brand sandwiched between a few of these photos in a client feed.

  • Research! First and foremost – do your research before committing to a hashtag. Imagine if you were a brand sharing a live feed on St Patricks Day. While spam posts are not terribly difficult to discern and filter – spam/porn images can prove more problematic. Do a search on your tag to figure out whether there are any use trends that might disturb your audience
  • Moderation! Moderation is key in all things, and especially (apparently) on holidays that involve #GreenBeer. If you are using a hashtag that might be prone to objectionable content, you might want to moderate the feed before sharing any images with the public, or your client
  • Specificity.  Consider avoiding the broadest of tags associated with a holiday or event, and opting for more niche or specific hashtags instead. Use your brand name and/or an appropriate secondary hashtag that is closely associated with the event and your image. While #GreenBeer had far fewer tweets than the general hashtag #Irish , it also had far fewer surprising photos.

If only we’d tracked #GreenBeer, we wouldn’t have needed a pair of protective goggles!

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